Postal problem in Dwarka


The Editor,
Dwarka Parichay

I am a regular reader of  Times of India since my child-hood. as desired by your good self in Dwarka Times Sunday last, to write any problem. the problem is of all the residents of dwarka. i have explained to Mr. S.S.Dogra also on his mobile.

You will be surprised, in Dwarka Postmen delivers only telephone bills and registered/ speed post. it is observed by me my friends since long. although they have to deliver all the letters of residents of a society at one place (instead of delivering them door to door). they are getting salary for non delivery of ordinary post.

residents are angry with their relatives because they are not getting any birthday cards, death cards of their relatives and colleagues. on the other side relatives and colleagues are in anger since no body is replying their letters. refund order/dividend warrants/interest warrants are not being delivered by the postmen in dwarka.

Documentary evidence can be provided on demand.

I request your kind honor to publish it in your esteemed news for the welfare of the residents of dwarka.


R.K. Aggarwal
M: 9910861398
B-602, Sadbhawna Apartments, plot no.8,sector-22,
New Delhi-110075