Biodiversity & Agriculture Exhibition held at Basava

Students of Class IV & V of Basava International School organised an exhibition on 25th Jan 14. The main aim of this event was to enhance public awareness on the importance of conserving biodiversity and of the underlying threats to biodiversity. The exhibition, in particular interrelated biodiversity as the basis of agriculture and the effects of global warming on biodiversity.

The students displayed models and charts that demonstrated how agricultural biodiversity provides humans with food, raw materials for goods as well as performs ecosystem services such as soil and water conservation and maintenance of soil fertility which are all essential for human survival.

As life on planet Earth faces a mounting risk of extinction, posed by the threat of global warming, the students listed reasons behind global warming which are virtually endless. Man has not only used nature’s bounties for his own benefits but has treaded into the danger zone by exploiting them, thereby harming the physical environment and bringing about vast climatic change. They strongly conveyed through a skit performance, the message that as global citizens, it should be our first priority to minimize the pollutants in the environment and thereby save our planet from the effects of global warming. The Principal, Dr. Manimala Roy, other guests and the parents appreciated the efforts put up by the students to bring out the awareness of conserving biodiversity.