Citizen’s Reporter
Anil Menon

The Society of Indian Law Firms and the Menon Institute of Legal Advocacy Training are happy to honour Professor (Dr.) Ranbir Singh with the most prestigious “Professor N.R. Madhava Menon Best Law Teacher Award” for the year 2011 for his outstanding services to legal education.

Professor Ranbir Singh’s credentials as an able educational administrator, dynamic institution builder and popular law teacher got acknowledged with his ten year long tenure as Founding Vice-Chancellor of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. If NALSAR is rated as one of the best law schools in the country today, a large part of the credit goes to the untiring efforts and self-evasive leadership of Dr. Singh who went as a stranger to Andhra Pradesh and soon became its best known law teacher in less than a decade! For him, students’ welfare is of prime concern and he will not hesitate to bend the rules to promote learning opportunities for his students. If money is not available in the University budget to support activities, he would mobilize it from outside sources and let the students engage themselves with every learning opportunity within the country and outside.

He is no doubt one of the popular teachers among the student body. Dr. Singh, his colleagues say, has a peculiar knack of solving even difficult problems without displeasing anybody or upsetting established procedures. Naturally, he was the most sought after law teacher when the Delhi Government and the Delhi High Court wanted to set up a law university in the national capital. Even while involved in a number of assignments within the country and outside, Ranbir Singh enjoys his interaction with students and finds time to teach every fresh batch of students admitted to the law school.

Professor Ranbir Singh is the President Elect of the prestigious Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute and a long time collaborator with the British Council in its initiatives in higher education. The Government appointed him as a Member (Part-time) of the Law Commission of India and sought his services to launch the “Rajiv Gandhi Advocates’ Training Scheme” of the Ministry of Law and Justice. With amiable manners and pleasant disposition, Dr. Singh endeared himself to a wide circle of friends and well wishers even outside legal education and the legal profession.