‘Rahat-Uttarakhand’- 3 months.. a long way to go !!

“Ab to ye 100 rupay ka note bhi teen meel lamba lagta hai ” (now this 100 rupee note also seems 3 mile long), Dinmani, a tea vendor at the village Triyuginarayan smiles and adds – “this was the time our money boxes used to be full, tourists used to be all around. In just a few months we used to earn for the entire year and now, we don’t even have Rs 200/- to pay for school fees.”

Reaching Triyuginarayan in the initial phase was one of the toughest journey for us. The village doesn’t have visible loss to property or life, something needed by the agencies and government to be called affected!! And yet it is one of the worst affected. Local economy is collapsed and the people remained cut off without livelihood. If you have milk there is no customer to pay for the tea and if you have potato- no roads or transport to carry it to the market!!

3 months later, often people say ‘there were floods’ in Uttarakhand but on the ground we still find villages where no one has reached except some air drop of basic relief material. While the roads are opening up, now the attention has moved and the number of agencies and people working there has also come down in a big way.

Here is what, Goonj has tried to do in the last 3 months and also the way forward- http://goonj.org/Uttrakhand13/GOONJ_UK_Report13.pdf . Do read, share and forward it to give a larger picture to all who have been a part of it.

Three more points;

1. We still have about 1000 entries in our accounts where financial or contributor details are incomplete. There are over 100 bounced cheques due to in-sufficient balances or wrong signatures and a lot of receipts remain undelivered due to address issues. We have sent out over 38,000 receipts so far. If you haven’t got yours please write immediately to priyanka@goonj.org with full details of the transaction and give us a few days to track it and to do the needful.

2. Do join us to celebrate ‘Joy of Giving Week’ ( Oct. 2nd to 8th ) refer- http://goonj.org/?page_id=1379 for more details.

3. Some official email systems do not accept mails from mass mailing, please send your alternate email ids to mail@goonj.org if you would like to get regular updates about our work.

Wish you a meaningful time ahead..

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With best

Anshu Gupta
Founder Director