Rectification/ clarification regarding ILLEGAL ENCROACHMENT OF PARK

This is in reference with the news about unauthorized entry into the park.

As verified by Sh Shobhit Chauhan, Ek Sangharsh all documents are valid & available with School.

I have seen the documents signed by the school and DDA. They are valid documents. School has a beautiful plan for development of the park. It is the most appreciable plan I have seen till date. DDA can never develop the park in manner school is going to do. Moreover what is important is that all development is and will be available for all local residents. Of course, security of school children will be given due consideration. According to me the plan is very noble as it is in larger public interest. Ultimately students and residents are the ones who will benefit. We need open playfields for kids and the govt is not ready to give land to schools which can be said is a good thing that instead of each school being given a separate playgrounds, let them use the public parks around. This in way is judicious use of public resources if we think keeping aside the personal grudge that many might have against the school authorities, be it the school in question or any other school.

I am personally well convinced that the school has beautiful plans for development of the park. Once it is developed, all residents will appreciate it. Mount Carmel deserves an opportunity to prove themselves.

As far as the gate is concerned, they have a permission for that also from the concerned authority at DDA. And to our surprise, Horticulture department and Landscape department is very well aware of all plans and they have approved the same. I have read all documents personally. Moreover, even if the gate is used as an exit point, it will only help in free flow of traffic on the main road. Also, the service lane in question has all backside gates only and this no way will block any traffic. Of course, vehicles will not pass through the green area of the park.

Further, the school is open to all queries and objections (legal and valid ones), provided the same are done in due mannerism. I have studied in Mount Carmel for 7 years and I know what the school’s values are. As a student, I have followed up the issue of playgrounds for children and the school authorities have also gone through a long legal battle, all for welfare of the students. Mount Carmel will never ever disregard the senior citizens or any citizen for that matter. School is willing to spends lakhs for park’s development so what’s the harm if school students use it for a few hours. After and before school hours, all developed facilities will open for public use.

Friends, once developed, this park will be the first park with public urinal, solar lights, etc.

We all must support the school in this noble cause and let them fulfill their social responsibility. Nobody can deny that the school is one of the best schools in Delhi and is well known amongst the parents desirous of quality education for their kids. Everybody on this forum would have at least for once tried for admission in school. I am sure there are many people here whose kids are studying in Mount Carmel!

Am open to queries from anyone with a request to be thoughtful and consider the long time planning of the school. All objections can be mutually worked out if there is an intention of reaching a logical conclusion.

– Sh Shobhit Chauhan, Ek Sangharsh

Dwarka Parichay regret for any inconvenience caused to anyone regarding this news.