The students of NK .Bagrodia Public School visited to slum at Matiala

The students of NK .Bagrodia Public School,Sec-4,Dwarka,New Delhi made a visit to the NGO “Choti Si Khushi” to spend some time with the children of their community.They played games,helped them to clean up the park and talked to the kids about education and hygiene.The bagrodian students conducted various hand out activities like cooking without fire,glass painting, making of paper bags and how to make materials out of waste. It was a fun and learning experience for all the students.

The bagrodians learnt about community services and the challenges faced by the impoverished communities. They have spread the message and sensitised the nearby underprivileged communities in Matyala,.Besides propagating the importance of cleanliness, the volunteers themselves yielded the broom and carried out the cleanliness drive The main objective of our community service programme was to bridge the gap between the various existing communities. The social issues through the spirit of volunteerism and renewed sense of human values,to promote healthy environment and to improve the health of the students, which again will help them in their physical, mental & emotional growth.