On the occasion of Diwali, The Gandhi Ashram Society was cleaned, Flower and Ornamental plants planted in the society giving new aesthetic look. The society was beautifully decorated and illuminated on the occasion of Diwali by the Management Committee. The Managing and Cultural Committee arranged a Diwali Dinner function for the occasion on 23rd Oct 2011.

The event started with lighting of traditional lamp by Mr Dominic Savio, Vice President of Society and other elderly members/ residents. Mr Dominic Savio, welcomed all and informed about the importance of the Diwali festival, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Mr Dominic Savio wished all members/ residents and their families a Happy, Prosperous Diwali and appreciated the residents for their cooperation in running day to day affairs of the society by the Management Committee.

About 140 residents of the society attended the function and they participated in various events like Singing, Tambola, and Fireworks display followed by Dinner. Tambola game was organized and conducted by Mrs Abha chugh, Mrs Priyanka and Mrs Ritu Pasricha from the cultural committee. Young entrepreneur Mr Ishant Bindal of the society, who has floated new company M/s Shubh Muhurat, managed the event and was praised by all. M/s Max Drycleaners International, Dwarka and M/s were the sponsors for the function. Mr TS Raju, Secretary thanked everyone present on the occasion and cultural committee for their support in making the function lively and memorable, wherein all the residents enjoyed the function and celebrated their Diwali.