Valli Kalyanam celebrated in Dwarka

BRAAMIC & Ram Mandir, Dwarka organized Valli Kalyanam which is a thematic event based on Sampradhaya Bhajan tradition.

In this event Guru Smt N Anuradha, Smt R Aruna Sri & Kum. Nirranjana sang bhajans and Sri Mannai Kannan accompanied then on Mirdhangam.

The event started with Thotaka Mangalam, which is invocation of all gods & goddesses. It was followed by Guru keerthanam. For Ashtapathi Guru Vijayalakshmi Ramanan’s students performed Nrithya Seva. This was followed by Deepa Pradhashinam.Group songs, puja vidhanam and traditional folk dances like Kummi & kollatam were performed by students of R Aruna Sri.

The marriage was performed by singing marriage songs for akshata samarpanam, varmala, mangala snan and jhola followed by marriage. Devotees participated in large numbers and offered prayers for youngsters aspiring marriage. Audience also participated in Musala Nrithyam.

Mr V Ganesh of BRAAMIC, Mr. Viswanathan, Mr S Ganesan and committee members of Ram Mandir, Dwarka rendered organizing support.