Resurgent India Award given

Resurgent India, an NGO based in Janakpuri, organized a function on the theme “SAVE THE GIRL CHILD’, at Muktadhara auditorium near Connaught Place on 24 June 2012.

Several prominent social workers and well known personalities were present, along with Jayalakshmi, MLA from Andhra Pradesh. The message conveyed was regarding emancipation of woman power, equal gender rights, stoppage of discrimination against the girl child, crusade against female infanticide and glorifying “MAA”.

Sapna Attavar inaugurated the function with her usual poise and aplomb, performing to SHREE GANESHAYADHEEMAHI.

“Best Parents” awards were presented on the occasion. The list was drawn from parents having only daughters; and further shortlisted depending on the achievements of the children. Photo shows one such couple from Dwarka, Mythili and Anil Attavar, receiving the prize from Tilotma Chaudhary sitting Councillor from Dabri and Kumar Vishu, renowned Bhajan singer.