Revitalising Indian Democracy by Major General Vinod Saighal

Revitalising Indian Democracy



Vinod Saighal’s book compels attention for several reasons. To begin with the Model for Restoration of Good Government (MRGG), a universal model that he unveiled in October 1995 found resonance around the country and some parts of the world, including the United Nations. It was translated into several languages. There are other firsts in the book. The author has covered an amazingly large spectrum in pursuance of his single-minded quest for a better India. He brings to it a perspective that is original and refreshing. In fact, it is rare to find such broad spectrum analysis from a single source. Many of the formulations would appeal to audiences in countries facing similar decline in the functioning of their democracies.

In a series of talks delivered in 2010, 11 and 12 (Reconciling Coalition Dharma, Good Governance, National Security; Is the Constitution being constitutionally Undermined? Judicial Activism: Panacea, Bane or Boon) the author highlighted the terminal degeneracy that has set in at the very apex of governance. In similar vein he has expressed the view that in spite of the judiciary being accused in government circles of over-activism, in actual fact the judiciary has been reluctant to intervene, merely lamenting the decline in governance in several of their judgments. He goes on to say that had the judiciary been more assertive the present decline in practically all areas of governance could have been arrested much earlier. Relating to hardened criminals becoming legislators, their combined strength in the Electoral College will soon be larger than that of the national parties. Should the present trend continue, by giving a call for unity amongst their fraternity, they could hypothetically place an arch-criminal in the Rashtrapati Bhawan in the not too distant future.

* “People like him keep Democracy on the Rails” – Dr. S Y Quraishi, Former CEC (Chief Election Commissioner).

* “The book has application beyond India’s frontiers. We are starting an Arabic translation” Dr. Waeil Awwad, Journalist – (The book) highlights the tensions between representative democracy and participative democracy” – H.E. Ruben Ignacio Zamora Rivas, Ambassador of El Salvador

* “A passionate analysis of the situation as it obtains today” – Arif Mohammed Khan, Former Minister in the Central government.

* “The people of India have taken the constitution of India as dharma shastra. -Mr. Justice J S Verma, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

* Writing about the present situation in the country the author has used the book as a medium to provide a completely new direction to revitalize Indian democracy. – Dialogue India, July 2012.

* The Book must be on every book shelf that aspires to understand the enigma called India. -South Asia Defence Strategic Review, Vol 6 Issue 3 July –August 2012

* Today, General Saighal is considered an authority in the concepts of good governance and good government. – Diplomatist, vol IV issue no.7, July 2012

* “Vinod Saighal, rather than simply stating what ails Indian democracy, comes up with a workable model for stemming the rot ………A clear roadmap for stemming the rot is here. Are we willing to take the plunge”?- The Sunday Tribune Spectrum, New Delhi, 30 September 2012

* ” Major General Vinod Saighal, considered an authority on good governance, talks about putting India on a sound and secure democratic footing in his latest book”. – Millennium Post November 17, 2012.