Robotic Surgery is quite popular in India-says Dr. Vivek Bindal

S. S. Dogra

The 3rd World Laparscopy Congress for Robotic Surgeons held 

Dr.Vivek Bindal
Gurgaon 15th February, 2012. The 3rd World Laparscopy Congress for Robotic Surgeons (14-15 Feb.,2012) was held at World Laparscopy Hospital, Cyber City, Phase-2, Gurgaon. Dr.Vivek Bindal-Robotic Surgeon-Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi who got robotic training from Italy & imparting training to the doctors from India & abroad at World Laparscopy Hospital, Gurgaon. According to Dr. Bindal this Robotic Surgery is quite popular in Europe and America. It came to India two years back and its popular in Metro cities only not other small towns of India. Dr. Bindal further added that this advance surgery is useful to cure liver disease, cancer form female uterus, tremor, womb related problems.

It is painless treatment & can heal the patient in quick time but the treatment through Robotic Surgery is much more expensive than the normal surgery.

Dr. Rajiv Yadav
Another well known young Robotic Surgeon Doctor Rajiv Yadav-Gold Medalist-M.S.-AIMS & working with Medanta, the Medicity Hospital, Gurgaon. According to him Robotic surgery is a form of advanced laparoscopic surgery which is done with the help of surgical robot. By using surgical robot, the precision, safety and efficacy of laparoscopic surgery increases. This is especially true about certain specific type of surgeries like prostate, urinary bladder and kidney cancers in urology. By increasing the precision and quality of surgery, it decreases the need for blood transfusion, shortens hospital stay and makes it feasible to discharge the patient from hospital, faster.
Contrary to the popular belief, robotic surgery is not performed by an autonomous robot but all the movements and actions are directly controlled by the operating surgeon. Thus the experience of the surgeon is the most important determinant of the outcome and surgical robot is just a tool in his hand which makes the surgery better than conventional surgery.

Dr. Yadav revealed that in general awareness is not much among not only the general public but also among the doctors in non surgical specialty. Even, doctors especially family physicians have to learn about the benefits of robotic surgery and specific indications where it is beneficial for their patients. Although the name ‘Robotic surgery’ generates a lot of enquiries and interest among patients but it is very important to understand and discuss with their doctors whether it is suitable for a particular patient and his or her disease condition or not. Therefore, it is important to chose well experienced and trained doctor rather than just getting carried by the fancy name.

Dr. Rajiv Yadav informed Dwarka Parichay that in comparison to open surgery the need for blood transfusion is less, shorter hospital stay with robotic surgery and less pain. Although the overall cost is increased (fifty to sixty thousands more in robotic surgery) but the benefits outweighs the drawback.

In this two days congress, the doctors from India & all the world Dr.J.S.Chauhan, Dr.Vivek Goel, Dr.Galal Mohamad-Saudi Arbia, Dr. Shakti Bhan Khanna-Apolo Hospital, Delhi, Dr.P.RadhaKrishnan-Apolo Hospital-Chennai, Dr.Suman Gupta, Dr.Rajat Goel-Taiwan, Dr. Ashwani Gupta, Dr.Anup, Dr.B.T. Abbas-Iraq, Dr.S.K.Nath, Dr. Dinesh Kansal, Dr.Pradeep Garg-AIMS, Dr.Vishakha Munjal-Moolchand Hospital, Dr. Rajkumar-Appolo Hospital, Chennai, Dr.P.D.Bhingare-Nagpur shared their view/experience in the Seminar on the Role of Robotic Surgery in case Liver related disease, Gyaencoligist problems. 

On the concluding day of the congress, the Laparoscopic surgeons who had successfully completed their training under the aegis of World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons and TGO University from 108 countries were felicitated during the congress.