Roopesh Rai Sikand brings first time sons of Hansraaj Hans for Punjabi film ‘Canada Di Flight’.

Prembabu Sharma

Well known commercial ad-maker, director Roopesh Rai Sikand’s Punjabi film ‘Canada The Flight’ which was shot in Bangkok, Punjab & Chandigarh with Yuvraaj Hans & Navraaj Hans (sons of Hansraaj Hans) is releasing on 1st April 2016 all over.

There are many things Punjabi people are known common thing in all of them that they are super crazy… one of the most cherished desire of them all is moving out of India, and especially landing up in Canada.. “kiddan patta nahi.. bas Canada jana hai..” That’s what almost every second Punjabi boy dreams of catching ‘Canada Di Flight’! This upcoming Punjabi film is a funny tale of three lazy, unfocused & good for nothing friends.. Who dream of landing straight into the land of Canada from their very own pind/village?

The film is produced by Maxwell Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., & Krishan Choudhary presentation, AM Films and Srishti Cine Entertainment and the producers are Sunil Pathare, Ajay Makkar, Deepak Chowdhary and Tejas Parmar. Mr. Roopesh Rai Sikand, with his ‘never say no’ attitude has directed the film taking the challenge to give a very new and fresh tadka to the taste of the Punjabi Movie by himself Choreographing 5songs in an outstanding way where he has merged Punjabi faith in Bollywood style in the Romance ,or the very new EDM style of music for Disco’s.

This is a very new and outstanding work as a Director would do all by himself.. Not only that, due to some unforeseen circumstances he also had to don the hat off the Action Director with the royalty by merging Bollywood styles with a new punch of Punjab so hope all of you my Friends would love and will surely appreciate the effort. Not to forget that this would not have been possible if the entire star cast would not have been a part of this wonderful journey.

The screenplay and story is written and developed by Roopesh Rai Sikand and Manoj Sabharwal the famous writer of this century and the one who gives the most heartfelt and tickling stories which the audiences always have a Roller Coster Ride.