RTI Applicaiton with DJB for ‘Water of Dwarka’

Transparency Officer & SPIO
 Varunalaya Ph-II,
Jhandewalan, Karol Bagh,
New Delhi-110005.

Dear Sir,

Subject : Suo Moto Disclosure of information on Water Supply under RTI Act and for proactive section 4 RTI Act information disclosure Application under Right to Information Act. Reduce RTI Applicaiton by sharing SUO MOTO Disclosure u/s 4 of RTI Act 2005.

Ref: DJB Letter No. DJB/Secy/RTI/2011/18478 dated 22/2/2011

We appreciate that the DJB have improved its Transparency by disclosing many details and put detail on public domain through its website.

We now seek the following information through your website & through reply (preferred electronic):

1. As per available records and reports each areas where DJB supply water through for all areas of Delhi under DJB. This to be disclosed under suo moto disclosure.

a. Under Ground Reservoirs (UGR) (Capacity & Current Distribution Supply)
b. Booster Pumping Stations (BPS) (Capacity & Current Distribution Supply)

The current average demand of potable water in the city is around 1,100 mgd (million gallon per day) and currently DJB supplies around 800 mgd water across the city after raw water is treated at its plants. The demand is projected to touch around 1,400 mgd by end of the 12th Five Year Plan in 2017.

2. Please provide the LPCD (Litres per capita per day) & GPCD (Gallon Per Capita Per Day) for the following areas supplied by DJB:

1 Dilshad Garden 

2 Mayur Vihar
3 Flag Staff (Vidhan Sabha Sham Nath Marg)
4 RBI Colony Vasant Vihar
5 Hauz Khas A Block 

6 Nangloi
7 Sitapuri (Janakpuri)

Bulk Water Supply
8 Delhi Cantonment
9 NDMC Areas
10 Dwarka Sub-City (Sector 1 to 23) Supplied up to Command Tank by DJB to DDA

3. As per record Dwarka is 5648 Hector Area 15 Sq. KM. The amount of water supply is 3.5 MGD. While DCB(Delhi Cantonment Board) area is around 42.97 KM NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Corporation) for 42.74s KM. Please provide reason recorded for LOWER GPCD/LPCD for Dwarka Sub-City inspite residents paid due amount to DJB, MCD, DDA, Delhi Govt & Govt of India?.

4. As per information shared by DDA Member and Former Dy. Mayor of Delhi Shri. Rajesh Gahlot, DJB in principal agreed to provide more water to Dwarka from Haiderpur once the Sonia Vihar Plant starts.

a. Please provide all the relevant Minutes of the meeting reference to Haiderpur Plant, Sonia Vihar plant related to supply of Water supply to Dwarka (pages related to the same with date of Meeting).

b. In case as per records the DJB agreed to provide water from Haiderpur and increase supply, please provide name the official who has taken decision to cancel the same or not implimenting.

5. Water Supply to Dwarka Sub-City.

a. In a recent agreement by DJB agreed to provide water supply to D-6 in Vasant Kunj, while existing Dwarka Sub-City have no additional water supplied(3.5 MGD for 6 lakh residents, while current demand is 12 MGD). Please provide name of the officials in DJB in Delhi who have the power/authority to increase drinking water supply (inequitable supply) in line with equal supply to rest of Delhi?

b. Have DJB Board discussed the water supply issue of Dwarka, if so please provide details of the same. In case no discussion, please provide reason recorded in files for not taking up this as an agenda item.

c. Since the DJB is providing only 3.5 MGD water to over 6 Lakh population of Dwarka compel to drink highly Toxicated ground water with TDS level minimum range from 2000. Please provide the name of the officials and DJB board members who deprived the SAFE drinking water supply to Dwarka Sub-City residents , who are law abiding citizen who paid development charges, connection charge, sewage connection charges and all other payments/taxes to DJB/Delhi Govt and MCD/DDA

d. What is the role of Chairman DJB in the decisions of non supply of Safe Drinking Water to Dwarka sub-city & current un equal supply in line with rest of Delhi.

e. What is the role of CEO of DJB in the decisions of non supply of Safe Drinking Water to Dwarka sub-city & current un equal supply in line with rest of Delhi.

6. Status of WTP at Sector 16 B Dwarka Project.
a. As on date progress status % and details.
b. Please provide contract clause with contractor for delay of work. Please provide the copies of the contract portion where DELAY of Work penalty mentioned.
c. As on date number of day’s delayed based on set contract work schedule.
d. Based on the number of dates the total amount recovered or posted in account Debit.
e. Name of the officer’s in charge of the WTP Project, Designation, Mobile No and Email id.
f. Have the connectivity with WTP and Munak Canal Link work is completed? If not please provide the % of work pending and details of work pending with expected date of completion.

7. What is the methodology followed by DJB to decide about quantum of water supplied to different parts of city?
8. Please advise the area wise distribution loss of water suffered by DJB
9. Are there any new areas/sub city in Delhi under development where DJB has been asked to plan for supply of water and DJB agreed to supply ?

Rejimon C K

President, Dwarka Forum