Sand Road in Dwarka

Sh D P Singh, Chief engineer,
DDA, Dwarka Project Office,

Sub: Sand Road in Dwarka.

In recent past a sand road has come up in Dwarka. The service road adjacent to main market sector-10 has been made with sand only. It seems that contractor forgot to mix cement into the mixture and the innocent DDA engineers also could not trace it. At least there is something which DDA has given 100% pure i.e. a pure sand road. The road has considerably increased the pollution level in nearby area because with every passing vehicle a cloud of dust is formed. Thanks to DDA for offering dust to be inhaled by passerby.

It seems that DDA has lost all its honest officers. This primarily has proved that officers those supervised the job & finally approved it – don’t deserve to remain with DDA anymore.

Earlier also a similar work was done while laying floor of main market sec-10 but after complains a new layer was laid on the sand floor. In nearby parks in sector-12 the plaster on boundary walls is not visible because there is no cement into it. Is it a new technique developed by Dwarka project Office DDA to prepare cement less mixture?

Is there any one listening in DDA?

Citizen’s reporter

S K Goyal