Mirchi Jhonk presented “AAGAZ”

Prembabu Sharma

​Mirchi Jhonk an NGO working for women empowerment presented “AAGAZ” (आग़ाज़)
​at Muktadhara Auditorium – Bhai Veer Singh Marg, Gole Market, New Delhi.

​ A play raising the question on the harsh and hypothetical behavior of our society towards women. A theater performance tapping the issues of hypocrisy against women under the hood of prejudices & norms of our cultural society. A highly intense drama provoking thoughts to think again over our treatment towards women. Some short dance performances by little stars, to exhibit what they have learned and to leap over the fear of facing real audiences.

Founder of Mirchi Jhonk, Dr Seema Malik said that “Mirchi Jhonk which is dedicated to encourage self and cross defense amongst women and to stop all kind of crime and atrocities such as molestation, rape and dowry deaths.” 

Mirchi Jhonk is highly involved with teaching self defence, giving out pepper sprays and teaching their proper use, creating awareness through theater and films.

Saurabh Malik, a trustee and director of Mirchi Jhonk is an actor and made his acting debut with Ab hoga dharna unlimited, a critically acclaimed political satire. He is currently involved in various bollywood projects and wants his craft to be a social medium to address various aspects of social upliftment. Sumit Chadha who is the director of Aagaz and Szoon Media Company which came up with these wonderful performances with adult actors and tiny tots of Szoon School, who left everyone spell bounded with their performances was ecstatic and very happy to be part of this social cause. The audiences got very emotional with the realistic feel of the play. Dr Seema Malik appreciated all performances and gifted participants of the event with gift certificates. The event was attended by Mr Manuj Sharma, Film Producer, Mr Yashwant Nikose, ex cultural minister, Dr VS Malik, Shri Kaloriya BSP amongst others.