Dare to Dream …. Make Dwarka Green
MA (Public Admn), PGDBA, CWHM
Well known Naturalist of Dwarka having planted more than 1150 trees so far, extensive experience in flowering, landscaping, gardening consultancy, water harvesting, Nature Writer and Nature Photographer ..
The Mandate 
In 1972 UN General Assembly decided to commemorate each year World Environment Day on June 5, as one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action designed to (a) Give a human face to environmental issues (b) Empower people to become active partners of sustainable and equitable development (c) Promote understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues; and (d) Advocate partnership which will ensure all nations and people enjoy a safer and more prosperous future. 
The Agenda 
The effort of the UN General Assembly directly calling for people’s active participation in ensuring a cleaner environment invigorated the masses to understand the importance of playing their part in the global tirade against pollution of air, water and soil/ land uniquely known as the Environment. 
Environmental pollution takes place through changes in energy patterns, radiation level, chemical and physical constitutions and abundance of organisms and is of six types (1) air (2) water (3) soil/land (4) thermal (5) radiation, and (6) noise. 
The Handicaps 
The earth is over crowded with innumerable inhabitants who consume natural resources and create wastes causing a negative impact on the environment due to pollution leading to a situation of the whole environment / climate becoming inhabitable. 
Increase in population and rapid industrialization leads to deterioration of quality of air. Coupled with traffic congestion during peak hours, hydrocarbons and toxic chemical emitted by motor vehicles have resulted in Air pollution. 
Disposals of solid wastes from industrial, commercial and household sources has become a major source of concern. Sewage and industrial effluents being disposed into rivers causes Water pollution. 
Chemical contamination to physical disfigurement and aesthetic degradation leads to Soil/ land pollution 
Inorganic fertilizers – nitrogen, phosphate and potash used in larger quantities on farmlands through run-off cause Thermal pollution. 
Disposal of radioactive material etc through the atmospheric and ocean systems is causing mutations and other birth defects. 
Due to increase in number of motor vehicles, industrial operation and building construction Noise pollution has increased. 
The Strategy 
Environment is the priceless gift of Nature to Mankind. To maintain the Environment and Ecological Balance we must divert our immediate attention to effectively counter the handicaps mentioned above for the posterity of Mankind in an ecologically friendly Environment. 
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