“Self realization is the need of the hour.” Dr. Rao

Dr. U.N.B.Rao has written two books and presented more than 100 professional articles. He received numerous accolades and rewards for his work, including President’s Medal for Distinguished Services in Police. Dr. Rao has widely travelled both within India and abroad. He had been Joint C.P.HQ. for 2 years and even Deputy Commissioner of Police(South West) from 1993-96. He is deeply committed to the welfare and development of young people and a proactive policing approach. He firmly believes that empowerment is a better option than mere controls for a check on the population growth. Recently, he spoke to our Managing Editor-Mr.S.S.Dogra. Excerpts:

Who inspired you to establish Urvi Vikram Charitable Trust?
Actually, in December, 1990, my son Urvi Vikram hit by a school bus & died. At that time, I was S.S.P. in Andaman & Nikobar. Besides that within one month my son’s friend committed suicide because he was attached to a married women. I shocked and broke down. But suddenly, these two tragic moments of my life inspired me to establish UKCT.

Dr. U.N.V.Rao with former President of India Dr Abdul Kalam

When you founded Urvi Vikram Charitable Trust?
We announced & formed the trust, on the occasion of the first death anniversary of Urvi Vikram on 12 December, 1991.

What is the aim of the Trust?
The main of the trust is to do their best in changing the communities.

What is the working area of the Trust?
The trust is functioning in six centers in Delhi and 5 states namely Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra besides in USA.

Dr.U.N.V.Rao is unveiling the latest issue of Dwarka Parichay along with Mr.S.S.Dogra

Who are your role models in your life?
Swami Vivekanand & Mahatma Gandhi.

What are your hobbies?
Story writing, games, social services and police reforms.

What is your opinion about the rape cases and their solutions?
There are so many reasons which encourage rape cases among the society. Early initiation to sex, its quite common & a leading problem in the world today. Sex is a human being temptation, even parents are also involved. Porn sites, CD & filthy literature is easily available in the market, media is also highlighting it extensively. Too much talk of sex to be reduced. Self realization is the need of the hour.

Any recent activities?
Recently, our Trust celebrated the 6th Hum Kishore festival at Kamani auditorium, New Delhi. Smt. Krishna Tirath, Hon’ble Minister for Women & Child Development, Govt. of India was the Chief Guest. The Guests of Honour was Shri Vineet Joshi, IAS, Chairman, Central board of school education (CBSE).