Sri VIS celebrated ‘Himalayas’ in collaboration with CMS Vatavaran

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Go out and shine and let the world rejoice with hope at your shining light.”                                                    Jesus Christ           

Students of Sri VIS once again proved their love and concern for Mother Nature by being the torchbearers in the crusade for creating awareness and sensitising people about the need for preserving the environment.

The Guest of Honour, Mr Suraj – Senior Executive in CMS Vatavaran, a Film Director and Curator was enthralled by the Nukkad Natak (Green Theatre). The skit, that has been selected for the main festival to be held in October, depicted how nature vents its fury when man overexploits the natural resources. The skit also showcased that the Earth would continue faithful stewardship only if we preserve its bounties for the future generations.

Students of Class 9 also exhibited models on ‘Celebrating Himalayas’ which were a mesmerising blend of creation and innovation and  these models were also shortlisted by the jury of CMS Vatavaran. The posters and slogans made by the students of Classes VI-VIII showcased their actual concern towards nature and their ideas were admired and held in high esteem. The students enjoyed the short movies showcased by the visiting team and treasured the insightful thoughts and powerful message conveyed through them. Learners at Sri VIS also pledged to join the crusade to make the Earth a beautiful place.