Sri VIS, Sector – 18, Dwarka Organized Foreign Languages Quiz

‘The limits to our language define the limits of our world’.

At Sri VIS, the introduction of diverse language options such as Spanish, French, Sanskrit, German, Chinese and Japanese in addition has expanded the inventory of students’ experience liberating the young minds to a whole new world of new patterns, phrases and words. An Inter – House third language Quiz competition was conducted on April 26, 2018 in the school auditorium. It generated a lot of enthusiasm and saw amazing participation from the students. 

The competition comprised four rounds. Students were tested on the knowledge of the language that they are learning, wherein they were asked about the culture and civilization of different countries in the first three rounds of each language. In the final round their grammatical skills were put to test at the end of which Integrity House, with Mehak Mahajan (IX-A), Hargun Singh (IX-A), Arooshi Sharma (X-A) and Aakanksha Kunwar (X-A), emerged as the winning team. Strength, Value and Sincerity Houses secured the second, third and fourth position respectively. It was a pleasure to see such language skills in students of Grades IX-X. They are truly turning multilingual or polyglots. 
While it was challenging and interesting for the participants to answer all the questions, it was very informative for the audiences too as they got entertaining and educative exposure to many interesting facts about the language & culture of other countries. Undoubtedly learning different languages create different visions. Which paint a unified global picture of “Vasudev Kutumbkam”.