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Science and Mathematics for classes 9th & 10th
Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for classes 11th & 12th

Introduction to TOPPER

Topper helps teachers and students make the best use of digital technology provided by television and internet. Within a short period of time, Topper TV and have become the preferred medium to supplement school learning, for thousands of students across India. The Topper Integrated Learning System for the school comprises of video lessons to reinforce concepts, and a testing module to evaluate the students on a continuous basis

Topper Integrated Learning System

The entire syllabus of each subject is split to create half an hour lessons for each chapter. These Lessons are created keeping in mind various pedagogical aspects and the diverse learning abilities of students. The video lessons are presented by renowned academicians with outstanding educational backgrounds using 3D animations, illustrations from daily life, demonstrations, lab experiments and various other teaching tools to supplement the education being provided in the schools.

Thus, through use of VISUAL IMPACT, Topper gives each student the opportunity to attain complete clarity on concepts and helps him/her to excel in the examination.

Career Guidance: In addition to the above, Topper has also introduced well designed content for helping students to plan their career.

All the content on Topper goes through multi level validation including thorough review by Topper faculty.

Instruction Methodology for Schools

We understand that the school covers the entire annual syllabus for each subject in about 180 periods. The same syllabus is covered by Topper in approx. 65- 70 episodes in each subject. Thus on an overall basis, the classroom teaching done over 3 periods, is covered in each Topper episode.

For optimum use of Topper in the school, we suggest that you provide some regular periods in the students’ time-table for Topper. This period may be in the AV room / Computer lab. After the topic is covered by the teacher in the regular class, we recommend screening the relevant video episodes to the students. This will effectively supplement the classroom education and will help to reinforce and revise whatever has been taught by the teacher. The concerned subject teacher would be best placed to decide which episodes need to be shown to the students in the AV period. It is also suitable for arrangement/ substitution period in the teacher’s absence.

Topper Video Lessons help the students to understand intricate concepts by visualizing them better with the aid of 2D & 3D animations, analogies, practical applications, lab demonstrations and real life examples.

In addition to viewing the videos, the students may also take tests at the end of each topic. After finishing the test, the student will automatically get his/her score, as well as the correct answers.
There will be an instantaneous and hassle free evaluation of students on an ongoing basis. Regular progress reports can be generated for continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) as per the latest CBSE norms.

Once the students realize that there is a regular evaluation, they become much more serious about the studies and pay more attention in the classrooms.

1. Topper secure media machine
2. Encrypted Software
3. 20 web Login For Testing Module
4. License to use topper video content

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