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SOS India – Filling a need

Our Mission

We build families for parentless children and children in need, we help them shape their own futures and share in the development of their communities.
Each SOS Children’s Village is based on four principles.

The Mother: Each child has a caring parent
Brothers & Sisters: Family ties grow naturally
The House: Each family creates its own home
The Village: The SOS family is a part of the community

SOS Children’s Villages’ unique family concept

• Each SOS Children’s Village constitutes of 15-20 family homes
• The SOS family consists of 9 or 10 children, who share their lives as brothers and sisters
• They grow together in the care of an SOS mother – like in any family
• Children attend local schools and keep in close contact with neighbouring families

SOS Children’s Villages’ of India

40 Children’s Villages across the country including facilities for Tibetan children and a new village at Mumbai.

6000 Children are growing up in SOS-India Children’s Villages Around the country today. This is the 3rd generation we are bringing up.

SOS-India is also reaching out to over 15,000 children through our community based family strengthening programme.

Building self-reliant and contributing members of society…

• About 3,500 children who grew up in our care at various Children’s Villages across the country are now settled in life.

• Many of our children are studying in various universities outside India – in Canada, Italy, Norway and USA.

• Our children are engaged in a wide range of professions including medicine, nursing, IT, engineering, teaching, management, social work, etc.

Many of our children are self-employed in small industries of their own and a good number of our young adults are in the Army and in the Army Nursing Services.

The problem of needy children in India is gigantic. In its own small way SOS Children’s Villages of India is trying to reach out to more and more children and families who are in need of long-term care.

Children in need become contributing and caring members of society because of the support received from generous and socially aware individuals. SOS-India is able to take care of many thousands of children in need because of partnership with such generous individuals.

With the help and support of sponsors, friends and well wishers, and careful planning SOS Children’s Villages of India is striving hard to realize many dreams.

How you can help us…

Option 1. Sponsor For a Child

Through this partnership you can contribute to the nurturing of a child with sponsorship amount of Rs. 6000/- per child per year.

Your sponsorship amount will help to partly meet the nutritional, clothing and medical needs of a child growing up in a SOS Children’s Village.

In return for your contribution of Rs. 6000/- you will receive a photograph and details of the child you have sponsored.

Option 2. Sponsor For a Child and that Child’s Education
Option 3. Sponsor For 10 Children
Option 4. Sponsor For a Child Exclusively
Option 5. Sponsor For 10 Children and their Education
Option 6. Sponsor For a Child and that Child’s Education Exclusively

Benefits to Donor:

 Bonding with the child through regular updates on the progress of the sponsored child in terms of education, health, achievements, birthdays etc. that would be shared with you.

 Servicing through regular newsletters, mailers and online messenger services making you a part of the SOS family.

Let a small part of your salary gift a child a home and a family forever.
You will feel the thrill and joy of your donation lighting up a life and helping a flower to bloom!
Join this movement and make a meaningful difference in the lives of children in need.
Cheque or Demand Draft

Through Cheque /demand draft drawn in favour of “SOS Children’s Villages of  India”. This can be sent to us at:

SOS Children’s Villages of India
Plot No – 4, C-1 Institutional Area,
Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj,
New Delhi – 110 070
or you may call our executive to collect it.

“All donations to SOS-India are 100% tax exempt under section 35 AC (80 GGA) of the Income Tax Act, 1961”  Thanks.

Manisha Sinha – 9999114292