Sunny Leone ‘hit on’ Jay Hind!

Ashok Kumar Nirbhay

After creating quite a stir on a popular reality show on television, Sunny Leone is creating ripples on Jay Hind!, the world’s first full format online TV show. Sunny has been lampooned in Undercover Productions Ltd.’s scintillating late night stand up comedy show. The humorous take on Sunny from her sex appeal, to her name sounding Sindhi, to her “weighty” assets, is so humorous that Jay Hind!’s episode number 233 called “Sunny Days”, recorded a mind boggling views of over 2 lakhs! The show by itself has recorded a total of over 11 crore views, averaging a lakh and a half views a day.

“A sarcastic & comical take on the news & current affairs is what our show is all about. The hype around Sunny Leone made her perfect for some tongue in cheek jokes. The popularity of the episode and the segment called ‘Sunny Leone and the power of porn’ proves how sex starved our country is”, says Abhigyan Jha, Creator & Director, Jay Hind! and Founder & CEO, Undercover Productions Ltd in his usual outspoken style. Like Abhigyan, his show too is famous for being tongue-in-cheek & politically incorrect!

The talented host Sumeet Raghavan pulls no holds barred jokes at the famous porn star and her profession leaving the audience in splits. Script writers Varun Grover and Rahul Patel do a fantastic job as always, writing some hilarious and rib tickling jokes about almost everything that’s making news including Sunny.

“Sunny Leone became famous overnight & is very popular in our country. Our unabashed and honest yet humorous take on everything that is making news connects with our fellow citizens who have similar views”, adds Sumeet Raghavan citing the reasons for the popularity of the Sunny Leone episode & the show in general.

Laughs are nonstop at Jay Hind! Undercover Productions Ltd. has been churning out hilarious episodes of Jay Hind! twice a week since August 15, 2009. The show’s makers are masters of satire and the unprecedented popularity of the show is testimony to that. Jay Hind! swears to continue taking the Mickey out of all things and personalities in its own inimitable way.

The show has grown from strength to strength and its makers have kept adapting to match audience feedback. Jay Hind! will soon be made in Tamil, Marathi & Gujarati as well! The ever rising popularity of the International all-English episodes titled ‘BLTN’ have received offers from Germany, Sweden, Singapore and New Zealand for syndication.