The Night Before the Big Day


Elections anywhere in the country are bound to generate interest of the people in the on-goings even if they are not directly concerned with the outcome of the same. Delhi is no exception to this as the  political nerve of all and sundry is centered on the outcome even before conduct of the elections.

In a city like Delhi the plight of the campaign has been repeatedly deteriorating with every election coming by and lowers the score of the politicians of all hue and cry to an abysmal Zero and evokes  depressing vibes in the multitude of electors. There is dismay all around – the die-hard political workers are scared to react and may be are waiting for an opportune moment, the general public is shaken to the hard core reality of whether to vote for absolute majority of a particular party or to give another chance to someone else. All this in the name of development !

Delhi has been in existence for a very long time and has seen many plunderers over the ages. What it needs is not the “loud mouth speaks of the politicians” but a genuine and time bound development of the infrastructure in and around her in a concerted manner as a matter of right of her citizens and not as a dole from politicians in exchange of votes.

The agenda of development should be set by the public in respect of their respective area and politicians should work as mere “Executors of the Will of the People” rather than as Policy makers. A time has come now, when we need to amend our constitution providing for proportional representation of the political parties in Government formation limited to their seats in the state legislatures/Parliament restraining the numerical strength of the Cabinet.

Lowering the dignity of the high offices of constitutional heads as rampantly seen in Delhi and elsewhere could be countered by conducting national and state elections in one go in a phased manner.
Mandatory obligations should be put on Political parties to give details of their budgetary proposals. We the citizens of Delhi certainly deserve a better coordinated and well administered governance.