Theme Pavilion at New Delhi World Fair Attracts Visitors

The specially-designed theme pavilion based on Vanaspatey Shanti (वनस्पतयः शांतिः), a hymn from the Yajurveda is attracting book lovers at the New Delhi World Book Fair. Eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, cane, jute, pallet, MDF board, papier mache and eco-friendly colors have been used to decorate the pavilion. On the walls of the Pavilion, the shlokas (hymns etc.) from Yajurveda, Rigveda and other ancient Indian texts have been mentioned. More than 500 books in Indian languages and English on the theme have been displayed. Every day several programmes creating awareness about the environment and climate change are being organized at the pavilion.

Shri Ram Naik, Hon’ble Governor of Uttar Pradesh visited the New Delhi World Book Fair today. He appreciated the efforts of the Trust in organising such a mega event as this book fair. He was also happy to see the Theme Pavilion which is beautifully spreading the message to protect our environment. He also visited the stalls of various publishers.

A panel discussion on ‘Ecological References in Ancient Manuscripts’ was organised at the Theme Pavilion by National Mission of Manuscripts, Delhi. The speakers on the occasion were: Prof. R K Pandey, Vice Chancellor, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Vidyapeeth, New Delhi; Prof. Upendra Rao, SCSS, Jawaharlal Nehru University; Dr Govind Singh, Assistant Professor, Indraprasth College; Shri Suhail Anjum, Senior Urdu journalist. Dr Sanghamitra Basu, IGNOU was the moderator on the occasion. During the session, the speakers gave reference of various ancient Indian texts like Yajurveda, Samveda, among others which talk about the significance of nature and environment. The speakers were of the opinion that Indian culture has been connected with nature since ancient times.
Later, the book titled Environmental Ethics and India’s Perspective on Environment, published by National Book Trust, India was released at the Theme Pavilion. While releasing the book, Shri K Srinivas Rao, Secretary, Sahitya Akademi said that we are going through serious crisis, due to urbanisation, we are drifting away from nature. We are no longer close to the nature. He added that we need to realise the significance of nature in our lives. Addressing the gathering Shri Baldeo Bhai Sharma, Chairman, NBT said that we have been exploiting natural resources to fulfill our needs. He added that we all know that carbon and other poisonous gases emitting from vehicles are harmful but we continue to use them for our convenience. He remarked that it is necessary that we all work together to protect environment. Shri Sharma also said that we are facing serious environmental issues and as a publisher we feel the need to bring to the fore the different views expressed over these issues. Shri Sharma also informed about the Navlekhan series recently initiated by NBT under which it publishes works of young authors. Shri Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj, author of the book also spoke on the occasion.
Renowned classical dancer and Padma Vibhushan Dr Sonal Mansingh interacted with Shri Anant Vijay, Associate Editor, Dainik Jagran at the Theme Pavilion. Dr Sonal Mansingh said that Indian culture and tradition has always given importance to the nature. All Indian scriptures talk about environment. She also said that that she prefers to read printed books rather than ebooks.
Children’s Pavilion
The Children’s Pavilion at the Fair is hub of activities for children. These activities are not only bringing children to the books but they also get an opportunity to meet their favourite authors and illustrators. Today, Bravery award winners, Naman and Mahika Gupta interacted with the children. During the session, Naman talked about the difficulties he faced while saving children from drowning. Mahika shared her experience when she saved the life of her brother during Kedarnath disaster. The session was organised by Sarvodya Vidayalaya, Anand Vihar. 
Later, well-known Swedish author Jujja Wieslander interacted with the children. Ms Jujja Wieslander narrated the story of ‘Mama Moo’. Besides, Ms Navdeep Kaur, Illustrator and Chairperson, Department of Indian Theatre, Punjab University; and Ms Fouzia Dastango, well-known storyteller presented the story of ‘Kajri Gay’ to the children.

European Union
A writing workshop was organised at the European Pavilion in which Jasmine B Frelih, David Machado, Osvalds Zebris, European Union prize winners presented and provided some interesting ideas about creative writing. The authors were of the view that one needs to develop good reading habit in order to become a good writer.

The German Energiewende Exhibition organized with the support of European Union and German Embassy was inaugurated at the International Events Corner by Dr. Caroline-Silva Garbade, Head of the Economic Affairs Division, Embassy of Germany, Mr. Tobias Winter, Director, Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF) Support Office, and Dr. Rita Chowdhury, Director, NBT, India. 

Literary Activities
The authors’ corners at the Fair remained engaged with authors talking about their books and book lovers interacting with the book lovers. At various authors’ corners at the Fair, Vinamra Longani, author of the book Welcome on Board; Anjali Rai, author of the book Why Should I Love You; Sanjay Mishra, motivator; Dishant Huria, author of the book When Karma Goes Upside Down gave an insight into their books.

A number of books were also released including 90 God Days, Life… full of commas, Premchand Addhyan Ki Nayi Dishaein, Daali Mogre Ki, Development Journalism in Hills, Life is Beautiful, Maun He Samvad among others.

A discussion the book The Monk Who Became Chief Minister, authored by Shantanu Gupta was held. The book is a biography of Yogi Aditya Nath, hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.