Munak canal will end Dwarka’s water problems, says DJB

If the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) officials’ claims on Haryana deciding to press forward with work on the crucial 80 mgd Munak canal are to be believed, Dwarka residents could soon find a solution to their water woes. According to Jal Board officials, Haryana had earlier slowed down, and had even halted the work when 80 per cent of it was complete, wanting more water for farming.
“The Munak canal, which carries upper yamuna water, will be ready by mid 2008. It will save nearly 80 mgd of water from seepage of which 40 mgd will go to Dwarka. Dwarka currently gets 3 mgd of water” said DJB CEO Arun Mathur. The nearly Rs 400 crore canal project is expected to cater to visitors to the upcoming Commonwealth Games, planned malls, convention centers, future housing projects and also a new Airport being planned in Dwarka, say officials. A new 40 mgd plant is already being planned in Dwarka. The remaining 40 mgd will be divided between a 20 mgd Okhla plant to benefit the south and southwest areas while 20 mgd will go to an upcoming Bawana plant, officials said. Meanwhile, DJB officials said it would get nearly 60 mgd water by recycling its waste water at treatment plants apart from running the Sonia Vihar plant to full capacity by March 2008. “Whenever water is treated, 8 per cent of it is lost. But we will now recycle and retain this water for use in five major plants, thus saving us 40 mgd,” said Mathur, who expects it to be ready by March 2008. An additional 20 mgd is expected from Bhakra-beas board, officials added. “All this will add upto 160 mgd of extra water by next year. Of this, 120 mgd will be ready for supply by early next year,” said Mathur. Officials said that though Uttar Pradesh was supplying the full 140 mgd for the Sonia Vihar plant, less than 120mgd was being used due to infrastructure problems. Mathur claimed that infrastructure work on pipes and tests at the plant were at an advanced stage. – Expressindia