Thumbs up for Anna Hazare ji !

R.D. Bhardwaj “Noorpuri”

Thumbs up and fisty hands held high in support of Respected Anna Hazare ji’s brigade for their revolutionary movement aimed at enactment of a law relating to the Jan Lokpal (Public Ombudsman) Bill. Initially starting with its introduction in Parliament in 1965, and many a time being considered thereafter too, this bill has never been passed (in the way it should be) by the successive Central Governments, as our political leaders do not want to make it a comprehensive law, with strong teeth and with the purpose of enabling it to take stringent action against the corrupt people, howsoever big or influential he or she may be. By stringent action, I mean after having been satisfied with its own probe, summarily dismissing the concerned person (even if he is a big bureaucrats or a minister as well) and starting criminal proceedings against him for awarding the desired penalty under the law. The Prime Minister is misleading the country men by saying that Anna Hazare is a RSS man. He is, in fact, a true crusader in the Gandhian mould leading a social movement for a greater social and economic cause an by keeping the national interests high in his mind, i.e. not only checking wide spread corruption at thousands of public places, but also to due to the fact that it has made lives of ordinary citizens very miserable and vulnerable through out India. It has been observed many a time that political corruption is the root cause of thousands of other forms of corruption prevailing in our society and eating into the vitals of our social and economic lives, thereby pushing India to lag behind many other developed nations around the globe, in more than one manner / field.

Politics, which was taken as a noble profession during and after the India’s freedom struggle, with the purpose of improving the lives of its citizens, has been reduced to a mean but lucrative business now, by the virtue or vice of their tricky demagoguery by the self-seeking politicians. I remember that in 1965 or 1966, when late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri ji was our Railway Minister, after a train accident, he had submitted his resignation taking moral responsibility for the mishap. Now, everybody is aware that more than a month ago, Delhi’s Lokpal has recommended removal of CPW Minister in Delhi Government for trying to influence the Income Tax department to favour a big hotelier, but nothing has been done so far. Similarly, the Shungloo Committee looking into the charges of corruption relating to Common Wealth Games, 2010, has also portrayed the role of Delhi Government in a blemishing manner; but Delhi’s Chief Minister too continues to stick to the chair, least bothered about what the committee has meant for her in reality. As a matter of principle, she should have resigned making way for another candidate with a clean image to take charge, but who bothers ? Things have come to such a passe, that nothing really moves here unless the Courts intervene in such matters, just like the case of appointment of former CVC, Mr. P.J. Thomas, who had to vacate his chair only after the Supreme Court passed an order to that effect.

Nevertheless, carry on dear Anna Hazre ji !
Hum Aapke Saath Hain !!