Time to Flood the Streets of Delhi with AAP Topis & Jhaadu

It’s the final lap for the biggest political battle in India’s recent history. Just a few days left-final chance to ensure clean politics & accountable governance. If not now, When? If not you, Who will stand up to clean the system? Will you come out on the streets of Delhi?

AAP launches the biggest volunteer campaigning program (BUZZ) to flood the streets of Delhi with AAP supporters, who would proudly wear their Topis and spread the message of AAP in groups of 2 to 4 at selected 47 locations.


Here is what you can do.
1. Come to the metro location closest to you from the selected metro locations (See below for the table indicating the Metro Stations which are the AAP Buzz metro points). At this location you will be met by an AAP volunteer, provided campaign materials, attached to a small group and sent to one of the selected 47 buzz locations in that area to spread the message of AAP.

2. Visit AAP’s Connaught Place office (41, Hanuman Road, Cannaught Place) form where you will be sent to one of the 47 buzz locations with a small group. For more information on AAP Buzz, call 85888 33565