Traffic problems in Dwarka

Sh Rajeev Ranjan, DCP Traffic (HQ),
Dev Prakash Shastry Marg, Pusa,
New Delhi-110 012.


Over the period several traffic related problems have been identified in Dwarka. I wish to draw the attention of TP towards some of them with proposed solution to resolve it:

(A) It has been observed that many people have started parking on arterial 7.50 meter wide roads. This particularly problem is happening and causing more trouble near commercial establishments like hospitals, inns etc. which have mushroomed all over Dwarka. What has happened that these establishments have captured all the ‘kuchha’ space around building and footpath in front and force visitors to park vehicles on road (metalled portion). You can imagine even if one car is parked how little space would be available on main carriageway which has a total width of only 7.50 meter. For example there is rock land hospital in sector 12 Dwarka, it has captured the footpath by its opened gate, flower pots & ambulances, as a result visitors are parking vehicles on 7.50 meter road leaving very little space for other vehicles to move.

Solution: The parking should be banned on all arterial roads (metal portion). For initial days a towing crane or field staff may also be deputed and later on with awareness nearby residents can also help TP by posting photos of parked vehicles on face-book. Since parking on road is not attracting any fine, this is happening, when it will be banned the establishments would have to forced to vacate the kuchha area around for parking.

(B) After descending from Dwarka over-bridge and crossing first red light – vehicles have started one new parking/halting point immediately after crossing. As a result these halted vehicle becomes obstruction for other vehicles coming behind. The other vehicles have to cross the red light in a slow mode, thereby reducing load capacity of road.

Solution: It is observed that there are often 2-3 policeman posted on this crossing. I request these policeman may be instructed to challan the halted/parked vehicles on this stretch.

(C) There is often slow movement of vehicles on Dwarka approach road from T point on road no. 210 till under-pass. Half of the time the reason of this slow movement is parked/halted vehicles.

Solution: Declare this stretch no halting zone. Instruct policeman on the T point to challan such vehicles.

(D) The service roads in main markets are having width to accommodate three car lanes. But out of these, 2 are covered by parked vehicles. So as a result there is often traffic jam because all the lanes are 2 way.

Solution: Either the parking be allowed only on one side of service road or it may be made one way.

Request TP to take these policy decisions on these issues on priority.


S K Goyal
Sec-12, Dwarka,
New Delhi-110078.