I am a senior citizen (74+) and on 11th
Apr 2011 undertook a Rly journey in II Class AC.. The journey was a nightmare as you could see from my complaint to Rly
Authorities as under:-

General Manager Northern Railway,
House (Northern Railway Headquarters),
 New Delhi
Singh(74), Raj Kumari(64)
                          PNR No. 241-7525,
Train No. 12413,Date 11.04.2011
Dear Sir,

I am a Sr Citizen and a pensioner. Travelling for us
is an ordeal but social obligations force us to face it.
On 11th Apr 11, I booked two berths in
Pooja Exp from Delhi to Jammu Tawi. Since Rlys is very kind to give us
concession in fare, I afforded ourselves AC 2, to have a comfortable journey.
But we were in for disappointments because of the following

1.      The compartment was unhygienic and it appeared as if
bogie unfit for service had been attached.
2.      There was no water supply in the toilet with western
seat (unfortunately our need)
3.      After few hours journey, the water started dripping in
the cabin where my wife was sleeping and in the passage adjacent to my berth.
We could not sleep and were uncomfortable.
4.  A written complaint was lodged but service staff could
have rectified the fault only after    
completion of our journey.
I should have gone to the consumer
court to seek refund along with penalty but I will not. You are requested to
look into it and address to at least
minimum comfort of the passengers

Sincerely Yours,
(Bhagwan Singh), M:9818738679 
Sector-7, Dwarka
Executive Member Sr
Citizens Ass., Dwarka
Encl: Copy of Ticket,    Copy  : e-mailed to PRO


To my pleasant surprise the Rly Authorities responded to my above letter accepting
the deficiency in service and the defective coach was withdrawn from service
for overhauling.
Through this presentation it is
requested that we should not accept
deficiency in service and bring it to the notice of competent authorities for
pulling up their socks
The letter received from Rly
Authorities is reproduced as under:-