Transportation in Dwarka

Transport Problems of Dwarka

Dwarka a beautiful Sub-City is located in the South- West of the Delhi. Dwarka is one of the latest and best colonies of Delhi. Infact Dwarka is the largest colony of Asia. Dwarka is surrounded with the Domestic and the International airports. This sub-city is constituted of Group Housing societies with residents from salaried and middle class category. The current Population of Dwarka is nearly 7 lakhs. The Dwarka is planned with 29 sectors.
In spite of being a sub city and a status symbol, Dwarka has very poor transport facility. The only solace is metro rail and few bus services like Parbhat Bus Services. Or we can see some skeletons of bus service on main road. The sectors are not connected by public transport and the residents have to depend on personal transport which is additional burden due to skyrocketing inflation and rising prices. In fact Dwarka sub city is virtually cut off from the main city. Though an Inter-state-bus terminal (I.S.B.T) has been planned in Sector-22 but it is far from implementation.
For inter sector movement one has to depend upon personal vehicle or rickshaws. Some of the sectors of Dwarka like 22- 23 are so far from the commercial areas and Metro station that the people living in those sectors have to invariably depend on rickshaws to reach who have now have monopoly to charge the rates at their will. It also causes a problem for the students also who have to spend from their pocket money.
Now the rates of rickshaws are increasing very high day by day, which is very hard for the middle class people to pay daily- daily. While in the evening rickshaws use to increase their rates, if someone is coming back to home from metro, they have to pay so much in rickshaws. Nobody is there to checking out there rates. They are charging unnecessary because they know that the people living in sectors 22 & 23 have only this facility available, so that’s why they are charging sooooooo much.
Recently Delhi Metro has started their Metro buses in Dwarka. These are RTVs which are not sufficient to take the heavy load of passengers. But the service in Sector- 9 metro station is almost non existent people of sector-22 &23 have to use costly transport of rickshaws.
I think the welfare associations of Dwarka and the individuals have been bringing this problem to the notice of the authorities to find out the solution so that traveling is made easy in Dwarka. After all, it’s a Sub City of Delhi and has to be taken care of.