P K Datta, Naturalist
& Photographer
Enjoy a virtual treat of riot of colours, fragrances and butterflies through flowers in different shades and sizes in full bloom endowed by Mother Nature on display at Modern Convent School, Sector 4, Dwarka, New Delhi on 19th and 20th February, 2011 in the Udyan Mela being organized by All India Kitchen Garden Association informs Convenor of it’s Dwarka Chapter Shri P K Datta, Speaking about the activities of Dwaka Chapter, he expressed satisfaction and informed that since inception in April, 2009, membership of Dwarka Chapter has risen to 32 on date, study tours by members to Sunder Nursery and TERI GRAM for herbal plants, knowledge acquired during monthly lectures through learned faculty of AIKGA, making of sixty flowery hanging baskets by its members, organizing Dwarka’s first-ever Udyan Mela last February followed by another one to be organized later this month – all a record of sorts in AIKGA’s history.
Shri Datta emphasized upon the pressing need of spreading awareness about Nature amongst Dwarkaites by bringing Nature closer to the residents at one place to enjoy, appreciate, learn and disseminate knowledge through sit and draw competition for children, live demonstration by experts of AIKGA of various gardening skills like tray gardening, hanging baskets, topiary, stacking, water conservation etc to the visitors.
He intimated that in the Udyan Mela, members of Dwarka Chapter will display their skills of growing cabbage, sugarcane in pots, bottled plants, hanging baskets etc.  Other agencies like Horticulture Department of DDA, leading schools, housing societies besides a few NGOs of Dwarka are also likely to join hands in this noble cause.
Request letters seeking participation are being mailed to all the schools, NGOs, housing societies with a request to send their Maalies for sharpening their skills, free of cost.  Outstanding Maalies shall be suitably rewarded with trophies.  

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