Actress Swapna Pati in the Movie Based on a Quadriplegic “The Desire” Directed by AD Director Avinash Nanda

Nilofer Ansari

For all the creativity and melodrama that Bollywood’s championed all these years, Why does the industry always portray ‘disability’ on the screen in a half-hearted, caricaturist manner, which invariably borders on being insensitive? Sadly, B’town’s attitude towards the disabled is either stereotypical or patronising, or they have used them as objects of pity, comic interludes, liabilities, medical aberrations, or burden etc. While cinema remains a powerful medium to reflect the happenings in society, it has also been a medium which is caught between the real and the surreal. While there are people who believe in the power of cinema to change the world. The 35-minute short film “The Desire” could change the trend.
“The Desire” is the story of a person with extreme disability and his relationship with a “normal” girl based on Jitendra Kumar Biswal, a quadriplegic since childhood from Odisha. Biswal’s deep understanding of characters condition makes the treatment special, and also raises the hope that this film will be instrumental in changing Bollywood’s attitudes towards the disabled. The Producer Mr. Rajinder Bhatia said he was never involved in film production but the concept touched his heart and it was quite remarkable that Biswal himself was acting in it. Ollywood Celebrity and social activist Swapna Pati, plays the female lead in this movie. Actress Swapna Pati is an model and a social worker. Her film career looks bright with a few Telegu, Gujrati and Bengali films in the bag. She spoke to World News Network, She said, “The Desire” based on the romance between an extremely disabled person and a beautiful woman. Disability have been very rare cases in the past where ailments of it has been portrayed with utmost cautiousness and humility. But in recent times many movies have been released where this issue is delivered with much responsibility and with a motto of social awareness and we are doing a little bit to it.”
Director Avinash Nanda has directed more than 100 TVC for National & International brand and now he is directing a 35 minute long TV commercial he said, “Hindi films have a huge viewership both in India and abroad and thus are a massive tool for social awakening and awareness. This industry possess a mighty power and if used wisely can help India achieve a much needed push to attain sensitivity towards the different disabilities and problems faced by mankind. We can hope this new beginning can bring focus on a long ignored subject of human disability”