Unified theory of Universal brotherhood


According to science, life is the chemical and physical process in nature, out of matter, as a result of bio-chemical harmony in the genes of living bodies. Aristotle suggested 2000 years ago that ‘nature’ makes so gradual a change from non living to the living that the boundary line possibly does not exist. There are the existence of two worlds, the world of life and world of non life. Just as the cable is formed of a great number of fine threads, so the world line of the earth is made up of several thin strands, like trees, animals, insects, human beings, mountains, oceans etc.

A strand which represents a human body does not differ in any observable essentials from the other living or non-living strands.

The atoms of which the human body is formed do not differ in essentials from other creatures atoms. Yet the thread which represent the atoms of a human body have the special capacity of conveying impressions through our senses to our minds . These atoms affects our consciousness directly, while all the other atoms of universe can only affect it indirectly. Consciousness expressed it in two ways, in living beings it in active form and in non-living beings it is in passive form.

Consciousness oozes out of nature, and is a correlation and cooperation of the soul, matter and their quaintness. Life is a proper conscious combination of SOUL-SPIRIT and MATTER.
Akash or space or ether is the entire limitless whole in which every conceivable entity –manifest and unmanfest co-exists and is full of vibrations in balance.

Everything in universe is in state of vibration. Akash or ether is the medium through which all kinds of vibrations takes place. There is hidden mysterious integrated state of vibration, from which all possible kinds of vibrations can be derived by process of differentiation. Akash is filled with an incompressible, frictionless and highly mobile medium of super fluid particles whose motion is itself the basic form of ENERGY.

Ether contains within itself an infinite amount potential energy which can find expression in all kinds of vibrations needed in manifested system. The infinite potentiality for producing vibrations of different kinds, in any intensity or amount by the consciousness hidden in it.

Consciousness alone can produce out itself any amount, any type of energy. Consciousness is self determined, integrated and free and can produced out of itself the infinite amount of energy.
Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only be transferred from one from to another. Each kind of vibration exists as series of wave lengths like sound waves, light waves x-rays, radio-waves, electromagnetic waves etc in gross form and emotions, sentiments feelings and thoughts in subtle form.

The ether or Akash has capacity to change the vibration energy of one form into another form. So we can perceive the vibrations of sound or subtle vibrations of feelings or thoughts of any living or non-living creature in universe, and understand them. We can catch and understand the language of not only living creature like animals, birds, insect’s trees or a foreigner, but also can catch the subtle vibration of thoughts, emotions and feelings of non-living creature like ocean, sand, mountain, stone, materials etc.

As the antenna of  T.V transforms the electromagnetic vibrations into light and sound vibrations, so we can see and hear simultaneously. Thus we have to develop a unique system which operates on Akash or ether level medium like disc antenna and perceive the all manifest and unmanifest vibrations present in the universe. By this divine system all the barrier of races, regions, sexes, species, living and non livings, will break away and a universal unified brotherhood will be maintained.