URGENT!!! Dwarka Sec – 7 Problems

I am writing this mail to draw your kind attention towards the poor upkeep of roads and lights in our region. The streets in our region have not been repaired for quite a while. There are pits and dump on the streets all over. The state of the street turns into all the most exceedingly terrible amid the stormy season. They cause street mischance. During the evening individuals frequently stagger down. Additionally, these pits give rearing ground to the mosquitoes. Hence there is an episode of mosquitoes in the area prompting the spread of dengue and malaria fever.

Also, the majority of the road lights in our region are out of order. Just a couple of road lights are working. It is dimness in the area. It has brought about a spurt in the frequency of wrongdoing in the region.

I, accordingly, request you to kindly take necessary move to mend the ways so that people of the region have good streets. Another problem is garbage. There is no one responsible for it. Service road just outside the society is filled up with garbage. It also sinks. It is not good for health of anyone, especially for children. Garbage is not picked up daily by MCD or anyone else whosoever responsible for it. Our service road is also very poorly managed. 

Please look into the manner. Otherwise we will not vote for Bhawna Gaud or anyone else. They always came to us for our votes and make many promises. But next day, there is nothing. If you people are not able to manage, please put some responsible person for it. So that we can contact him/her for the same. We still don’t know whom to contact for these problems.