Dear All,
A good number of members were shown keen interest that WE DWARKITES irrespective of our associations or group must meet formulate a strategy/campaign on the important issue of Increase the voting % from Dwarka (V Call it 100%).

As you all well aware its highly important for us to be united to show the strength of Dwarka by casting vote, may be we are marginal in numbers and divided by various constituency and ward. However, If all Dwarkites votes it will have its importance and political parties wont be able to IGNORE Dwarkites as they do currently.

We have to encourage our residing voters by way of communication at individual level/through Posters on Society/DDA Pocket notice Boards and Finally on 29th Nov 08 from Morning do announcement through Public Address System that is Incorporated or part of the FIRE Evacuation Plan etc.

Please encourage voters to polling booth and spare maximum of 30 minutes. Let those desire to have a heavy HOLIDAY Breakfast and goes to Gurgaon Malls or elsewhere..AFTER CASTING VOTES.


Only one person will speak at one time and give opportunity for others.
The Date 22 Nov 08 at 1600 (4 PM).
Venue : Setor-6, DDA park, opposite DAV School.

This appeal is made in the larger interest of DWARKA SUBCITY.

9810315897 / 9810432185