Valentine’s special – For Fresh and Long-lasting relationship

Rosy Vohra

As we age, our associations, be it with our parents, siblings, friends, spouse or children become increasingly significant. With time we come to know them better in terms of their reliability, loyalty, sincerity and our dependability on them especially during trying times. To feel good and relaxed in each others company is an indicator that we value the relationship. Each one of us desires true love and wish to apply the most desired sentence of the world ‘till death do us apart’ on to our lives as well. This is difficult to achieve yet not impossible. Attraction transforms into love and love in turn grows and develops into long lasting relationship. Devotion and dedication towards your partner and resolution towards the success and viability of the relationship go miles in establishing deeper roots of affection for future times to come. Genuine feeling never go unnoticed and are felt by all of us sooner or later.

• Resolve fights as soon as possible. Try to learn from these fights for these fights help get insight about likes and dislikes of each other. Things should not fall apart just because of them.

• Never take each other for granted. Relationships are special and need special treatment whilst giving adequate time and space to each other.

• Effective and non-ambiguous communication goes a long way in strengthening relationships. Ensure to use your tone, volume and choice of words as dignified and cool as possible. Howsoever light the atmosphere of sharing jokes or even that of intimacy, due respect and good manners should perpetually be maintained. Do not throw these two key attributes out of the window.

• Recognize differences and see them as spice to life.

• Try being in proximity to each other. This does not however mean clinging on to another for every little thing or calling up after every half an hour. Identify the time when both are relatively free to be able to exchange notes and catch up for the day.

• Spend quality as well as quantity time in each other’s company. Nothing is more wonderful than doing things together. Even if the partners are away during the day for work they should be together for the dinner. They sleep near about the same time is an added bonus.

• Gift each other even if it means non-expensive tokens of love.

• Genuine sexual and emotional compatibility is the key to long term bondage between two people. Avoid giving in to the temptation of infidelity and betrayal of trust in any form. Trust once damaged is difficult to heal.

• Believe in the institution of marriage and that too for keeps, if married. Resolve any difference by talking or seeking the help of a councilor.

Do not shy from complementing each other from time to time.

Take appropriate steps to save the relationship. Changing partner will not change the problem. If will occur and recur unless you learn the way out to a meaningful solution.

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