Water Mirage (Crisis) in Dwarka

Arun Banerjee

Dwarka is a pride project of DDA, housing lakhs of people minus clean water.

Things are proving worse for those who are being the legal occupants of Dwarka in various Societies and DDA flats and have shifted to Dwarka with great expectations.

Very apathetic situation prevails as far as regular piped clean potable water supply in various Sectors and Pockets in Dwarka are concerned. It can not be denied that authorities are responsible for lingering and delaying in providing clean water supply and negligent too in stopping water theft.

Right to provide clean water by the Government has been put in the back burner particularly for Dwarka Residents.

Population of Dwarka is approximately 6.5 lakhs +. As per CPHEEO standards requirement of water is nearly 15-lpcd.

DDA’s daily water demand is 10- MGD BUT DJB supplies only 4.5 MGD out of which 3.5 is for DDA use and the rest 1 MGD goes to Airport.

DJB raises bill @ Rs.8.51/KL from DDA.

As regards Societies, DDA has taken money from each Society for water connection in lakhs but there is no piped clean and potable water supply in many Societies & DDA flats. No steps taken by DDA to stop Theft and Pilferage clearly shows how step-motherly treatment is being meted out to residents of such Societies and DDA flats rather they are being forced to use water tanker.

Water is right of every individual who are established by DDA. By providing water tanker DDA is shirking its responsibility to provide clean, potable piped water.

We are denied of our Right for Clean Drinking water.

With this email, it is requested to kindly RESTORE AND PROVIDE piped potable clean water as per CPHEEO requirement be it needs withdrawing water where it is in excess supply and STOP THEFT WHICH IS INCURRING LOSS TO THE EXCHEQUER.