Victory of just cause, RCS fall have to fall in line!

M.K. Gupta

Unfazed by the threats of RCS, the Maha Sammelan on 7.2.2010 on self-draw has announced to conduct self-allotment this week also. After reading the writing on the walls, the Delhi Government has called a ‘workshop’. The workshop will be chaired by the Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit and will be attended by Ministers, Registrar of Co-operative Societies, top govt. officials and members of the CGHS to untie the deadlock by discussing the issue threadbare and face to face.
Hope, the issue of draw in CBI cleared societies will be resolved soon and the harassed members may be able to celebrate this Holi, after over 5 years, in a less tense atmosphere. This has been possible by the stand taken by Members of Parliament, A B Bardhan, Mahabal Mishra, MLA Dharam Dev Solanki and Ashok Kumar and his team leading the movement against the injustice met to them. I was of the view from the very beginning that the self-allotment will prompt the allotment process by putting the RCS on the back foot. Need of the hour is to maintain unity. After these allotment is made and the members shifts to their flats, the Dwarka will be livelier and will buzz with activities.