Glimpses 2018 held at NK Bagrodia Public School,Dwarka

The surfeit of multifarious activities unfolded on 12th October as the primary wing of N.K. Bagrodia Public School celebrated its annual event Glimpses where it aspired to mould young impressionable minds into creative individuals by tapping their talent and instilling confidence so as to make them believe that “Every child is an architect of his own future”.

The programme commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Principal and welcoming other dignitaries .The programme began with a musical show where the budding music talents of the school played and rendered mellifluous song. A dance drama-Carpedium- ‘A Ray of Hope’ was performed where our little Bagrodians took everyone on an expedition to an imaginary planet ‘Lapunda’. The inhabitants of this planet had visited our earth thousands of years ago. They found that time to be the golden era where values like honesty, kindness, compassion, respect etc prevailed. That was an astonishing and exhilarating experience for the aliens. They planned to revisit our Earth again in the 21st Century but they found that the Earth is no longer a blue marble but a grey slate of annihilation and impending apocalypse.

The aliens believed that the only path for the amelioration of values and rejuvenation of this planet is by its inhabitants only. It is then ,Gen X should unite against this dire strive to save our mother earth. It was a dramatic, didactic and impactful play on how our earth has been ravaged by Man’s greed and the need of the hour is to rise up to the effort of saving the earth before it is too late.

The guests of honour- Mrs Jaishree Nawani,Head of N.K.Bagrodia Global School and the school Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Rajee .N .Kumar blessed the efforts and hard work of the teachers and the students . They were superlative in their appreciation as they lauded the vision and the relentless hardwork done by the students and their mentors for presenting such a message oriented programme. The cooperation extended by the parents to make the event a grand success was also applauded and appreciated .The students exuded so much of self confidence ,talent and grace that onlookers were left mesmerized with firm assurance in their minds that young Bagrodians are the promising and successful future of tomorrow .With this keenness and fervent passion to extract best out of every student ,that day is not far when Bagrodians shall reach the pinnacles of glory and success in the times to come.The program culminated with the national anthem.