My heartiest congratulations to Dwarka Parichay on a highly successful 2nd DWARKA TOPPERS STUDENT AWARD-2014. While the hard working students need to be – and have been – congratulated, one also needs to recognize the efforts that went into organizing such a mega event encompassing hundreds of meritorious students from as many as thirty schools spread over Dwarka. The task of collating and assimilating the data itself would have been herculean, given the numbers involved. Dwarka Parichay left no stone unturned to see that no school or no deserving student was left out of the felicitations.

When I mentioned to Dograji and Sanjayji about the pains taken by them, they simply smiled and with all humility replied that “it was not a pain, it was a pleasure to motivate the scholars of Dwarka”. The best part of the programme was its punctuality, especially with so many VIPs and distinguished personalities present. Hospitality couldn’t have been better, with chilled drinking water and soft drinks available in abundance to all present to counter the scorching Delhi summer.

Dwarka students are lucky that such a campaign is being organized on an annual basis and junior students are bound to get the desired motivation and encouragement to do better in their studies. This will elevate Dwarka in academics in comparison with other areas and make us feel truly proud of our sub-city. Such a function is probably unprecedented and my sincere thanks to Dwarka Parichay for such an endeavour.

Mythili Attavar
(Gen. Secy. – Society for Upliftment of National Arts of India)