Vishal Bhatia Won Accolades for His Parents and School !

Vishal Bhatia , S/o. Mrs. Kanchan Bhatia and Mr. Rashpal Bhatia, and a student of MDH International School, Dwarka, New Delhi, has really brought big laurels not only for himself and his school, but also made his parents feel proud about their son’s marvellous success in Class 12th Board Exams by scoring 87.4 % marks (best of four in Commerce Stream). 

Recalling his experience, about his preparations, Vishal feels that the term Board Exams itself is very scary and it makes the students somewhat nervous, but simultaneously it also help and inspires them to study more seriously so that they come out with flying colours. “The Class XIIth board exams are very crucial time in a student’s life as they lay the foundation for our higher / college studies. One has to be a serious about his studies so as to get admission in a good college. I started studying seriously in January this year and I used to study two hours daily. And this study time gradually started increasing automatically as the time for board exams started approaching near. Getting up early, studying and eating healthy were the only things which I did in those few months.”

Though his parents – Rashpal Bhatia and Kanchan Bhatia did not directly help in his studies that they could teach him his subjects, but they always helped him a lot as and when he felt somewhat low. They were really very vital source of a ray and encouragement. They always created a congenial atmosphere at home and provided him the desired things which he needed most. His sister, Varsha Bhatia also did a lot of morale boosting and she used to inspire him with good thoughts that hard work done during these days of board exam shall pay me really good in coming times. Both my parents supported me in my every downfall and guided me to do the best and they celebrated every achievements of mine more than me.”

“My school : It’s been a great journey of my school life and there are many persons which made me to use the adjective “Great” here… Ms. Nandini Bidalia, Principal of our school (MDH International School) and she often gave the much needed encouragement and inspiration to all the students so that they excell in their studies and bring laurels for the school and the teachers. Ms. Mira Verma was our Class Teacher and some other teachers – like Mr. Saurabh Pathak and Ms. Sangeeta Chhabra were the great teachers I have ever met in life and who taught me the important and prestigious lessons of life, apart from academics. I hold them in great esteem, as they also taught me how to face the challenges and also come out victorious ultimately.”

When going for the exam, the nervousness was overshadowed by the faith in my Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj (whom his entire family adores as their spiritual and religious Guru) and the belief that whatever She will wish for me, shall also be the best for me. 

Vishal’s Aim in Life : “This journey of my school days was incomplete without my dear friends too. Truly every element in this journey made it a great journey. As every phase has an end, so does this journey, but it is also true that every end comes with a new journey ahead and in this new journey, As my school journey is over now, by the grace of God, I want to pursue now BBA LLB course and I pray to the almighty God that He blesses me in achieving every goal of my life. After completing my BBA LLB, I may go for CS and thereafter I may enter the corporate world to begin my professional life.” 

We wish beta Vishal Bhatia all success and better prospects in life.
Citizen Reporter :
R.D. Bhardwaj “Noorpuri