Visit Russia: Invitation for the biggest youth festival at Sochi- XIX World Festival of Youth and Students 14-22 October 2017

Dear Friends,

On 14-22 October, 2017 in Sochi (Russia) the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students will be held. The Festival will be the grand event in the field of international youth cooperation and is to bring together more than 20,000 of young people from 150 countries around the world.

The first Festival was held in 1947 in Prague and brought together young citizens striving for international peace and understanding. At the present time, after 70 years we again set to the Festival such important goals as to consolidate the youth community of the world around the ideas of peace, solidarity and social justice, to strengthen international youth relations and maintain inter-ethnic and intercultural youth cooperation.

The Festival program will include seminars, discussions on the most current issues of youth policy and international relations, development of substantial responses to the challenges that younger generation is facing today, sport competitions as well as a wide range of amazing cultural and artistic arrangements. Additionally the participants will surely benefit from new acquaintances and interaction with like-minded people from across the world. I am certain that the participation in this international milestone will become the landmark event in life of every attendee.

The host country is to cover the participants’ expenses related to accommodation, meals and cultural program during the event. While transport costs to the Festival and back are covered by participants and/or their sending organization.

Last date to apply for the festival is June 10, 2017. Interested candidate can register online at, Registration fees of Rs. 7500/- (Seven Thousand Five Rupees) will be paid by the selected participants.

Candidates are advised to submit the following documents by 15th June 2017 at for review by the selection committee formed under the National Preparatory Committee at BRICS International Forum.

1. CV
2. Photograph
3. Passport Copy
4. Motivation Letter
5. User Id and Password official website

We world like to request you to nominate the candidates from your esteemed organisation to become a participant of the festival. We would really appreciate if you can share this information on your website and social media to get maximum participation.

We look forward to see you at the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students!

with warm regards

Mohammad Akil
Project Coordinator, XIX World Festival of Youth and Students
Director, International Cooperation, BRICS International Forum
Phone: +91 9212400753 (Whatsapp, Call)
+91 9999367286 (SMS, Call)
Email:, BRICSforumI

You are requested to share the information among your friends and colleagues, Last date of registration is June 10, 2017.

Flash mobs available on social media for the festival with hashtags #HelloRussia2017 #WFYS2017

Moldova: om/watch?v=HMZ_VTB2g2A
Serbia: m/watch?v=ewT80TLPHzA
Brazil: om/watch?v=-HjWq6g6o-c