Music is an art form whose  medium is sound and silence. If you are also resident of Dwarka then you must have heard about Dwarka Kala Sangam. Yes, the founder of this club is no other than Col. Ram Rang Aneja. Recently, Col. Aneja shared   few experiences with S.S.DOGRA, Managing Editor, Dwarka Parichay. Let’s chalk it out.

 When you started your DWARKA KALA SANGAM in Dwarka?
 I started Dwarka Kala Sangam on 25th April 2010 and It was registered with the Registrar of Socities, New Delhi on 8th July 2010.

Col. Ram Rang Aneja

Did you have previous experience to run such organisation?

Yes,  I am the founder member of EX Defence Services Officers Association registered office 194 Hargovind Enclave, New Delhi-110092. When I was residing at A -91 Vivek Vihar (East Delhi), Delhi-110095. I was the first general secretary of this association.
Do you get any help from other organizations/institutions?
 Not yet.
Name few  executive members of your association?
 Lt. Col. Ram Rang Aneja, S. K. Sambaria, K Venkataraman, Mrs. Shashi Jain, Mrs. Shashi Kohli, Mrs. Karuna Srivastava, Mr. P.S. Dhunta, Mrs. Promila Malik,  Mrs. Gurdeep Kaur & Mrs. Rakesh Sharma.
Do  you get cooperation of your team/members?
 Yes, I get all the co-operation from the members.
What kind of guidelines/ suggestion your organization give to the music lovers?
 I advise all the singers that singing is one of the best ways of Keeping  your voice sounding young and fresh when you get older. According to the German Medical Journal NAJ Quoting throat, nose and ear physicians, the magazine says that the human voice inevitably starts breaking during old age and sounds rough and weak. Continuous speech training and singing can help reduce this effect. 103 years old Dutch actor and singers Johannes Heesters says he trains his voice daily first the deep tones and then move up to higher tones as far as tenor.
Do you organize musical evening  for music lovers ? If yes give detail.
 Dwarka Kala Sangam having music programme last Saturday/ Sunday of every month.  Recently,  DKS had Ek Shaam Rafi Ke Naam , Sau bar janam lenge,
Shankar Jaikishan night in Dwarka, Ek Sham Mukesh Ji Ke Naam etc.

What are the major issues,  your association fighting for?
 Main aim is to create awareness of semi-Classical and Golden-Era film music and song among the younger and older generation. Sangam giving free entry to handicapped and needy artist.
What is the official address to communicate you? 
 405, Mass Apartment Plot-24, Sector-10, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075.
Mobile: 9818166588, 9810457310.
What is the main mission of Dwarka Kala Sangam?
  As music is a great stress buster Dwarka Kala Sangam, through our efforts of promoting good music, provide a means of wellness among music lover.  Numbers  of Music Lovers (Gents/ Ladies) are approaching us to become the member of Dwarka Kala Sangam since this is the first such organization in Dwarka who is promoting awareness of music among the younger and particularly older generation.

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