We need to make our society a better place to dwell-Shobhit Chauhan

Shobhit Chauhan

He has been working on social issues right from school days. He is product of Mount Carmel School, Dwarka. His father is an accountant and mother is simply housewife. Presently, he is a law student but engagement in social services & social development are his priority. Yes, he none other than Mr.Shobhit Chauhan who is the Founder President of Ek Sangharsh. This NGO is registered in January,2012 itself. But it’s team of young volunteers are working remarkably in the sub city.

Shobhit claims that he got an ample opportunities during his school days to fulfill his dreams. Mrs. Williams (Principal) and Dr. Rajeev Tyagi (Sr Vice-Principal) have supported him throughout. Mrs. H S Gill has given him an affection like his own mother and guides him from time to time. Mrs. Grisalda Dickson, Ms. Vandana George, Mrs. Ranjini Ramesh and all his friends are the source of inspiration for him.

The mission of Ek Sangharsh is to end the harassment of the common man from the hands of the public servants. In the modern time, even a clerk in a government office feels like the ultimate authority. Ek Sangharsh wants to end this and make the common man the ruler of the nation, that in a democratic set-up. Besides this, Ek Sangharsh aims to help the under-privileged people also as much as possible.

Right from the school days, Shobhit got encouragement from Mrs. H S Gill, Mrs. N M Williams, Dr. Rajeev Tyagi, Ms. Vandana George, Mrs. Ranjini Ramesh and his friend Mr. Akshay Sagar who always stood with him hands in hand. Ek Sangharsh is also getting maximum support from person like Mr. Sumit Luthra, Mr. Sonu Kumar, Mr. Akshay Sagar and many more.

Presently, Ek Sangharsh team includes people from almost all walks of life. The young school and college students, RTI Activist, people from HR field, people from Accounts back ground, etc. A few active members like Shri Dinesh Gupta (HR Co-ordinator), Shri Sunil Kumar (Treasurer), Shri Ajay Bahl (RTI Activist) and others are main strength.

Apart from the work done in school, Ek Sangharsh has organised a march against eve-teasing and also organized a street play in Sector 6 market. After that the organization has been educating girls about various helps available against eve-teasing. Ek Sanghrash received several complaints and they were duly forwarded to Delhi Police Crime Against Women Cell for further action. The organization filed few RTIs and it got desired result within short period. Dwarka witnessed a sudden pruning of all overgrown hedges and tress, this was a result of Ek Sangharsh pressing on various departments. Ek Sangharsh is supporting an educational project in village Pochanpur. Ek Sanghrash organized a free medical check-up camp for the poor kids. Then we tied up with the Rotary Blood Bank and organized a Blood Donation Camp in Sector 11 Dwarka.

Ek Sangharsh Team

These are few events organized by Ek Sanghrash.

Future Planning
In coming days, Ek Sanghrash is planning to work on maintaining the greenery of Dwarka. Dwarka has a lot of green area but due to negligence of concerned department, trees are vanishing away every day. The organization is willing to encourage the citizens to participate in maintaining the Green Areas of Dwarka. To start with, Ek Sangharsh will be adopting the Sector 6 DDA Park and maintain it as a model project. Secondly, a Medical Check-up camp for Policemen is under consideration. There are few more projects in the pipeline on which the exercise is done in advance.

According to Shobhit, in modern times, a society is living in a very selfish environment where nobody is concerned about his/her neighbour. This is no feeling of patriotism or brotherhood. This attitude needs to be changed. Because, we are living in world’s largest democracy but our attitude is making it worse than a dictatorship set-up. So, it’s a common appeal for all citizens to come forward and join the fight against the evils prevailing in the society and make this city a better place to live in.

(Interviewed by S.S.Dogra)