WORKSHOP ON Science of Living – Towards Life Beautiful (26 to 28 December, 2013)

‘Science of Living—Towards Life Beautiful’ is a three-day workshop, primarily for families and families with children. The workshop will be an experiential one with a number of outdoor activities for the participating adults and children. Activities for children (between 6 and 16 years) will range from games, art, gardening, painting in beautiful landscapes, and in the process unravel their hidden talents and help them feel their deeper connect with nature.

The aim of the workshop will be to understand one’s true purpose in life and lead the participants towards living a beautiful, harmonious and fulfilling life in all its dimensions.

The emphasis will be on bonding as a family, and in the process also discovering a true and lasting happiness and human’s deep connect with nature; living fulfilling relationships; uncluttering, un-complicating and simplifying lives; appreciating the relevance of values and the right attitudes and lead them on the path of a profounder fulfillment of life.

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