World environment day: June 5th 2013

Pranav C Attavar
Student,Osmania University, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

“Plant more trees” is a very common phrase used as a solution to environmental degradation. In this new era of industrialization and modernization, this phrase has been reduced to little more than a cliché. We need to put in much more effort and dedication to arrest further deterioration of Mother Nature than just planting more trees. A simultaneous concern towards waste management, water conservation, optimized industrialization, etc. which has been posing a serious threat to nature can improve the present conditions in a remarkable way. Inculcating rainwater harvesting techniques can bring down the prevailing water problems considerably and increase prevailing ground water levels. This can solve more than half of the nation’s water problems and decrease the rate of death due to consumption of unhygienic water. Inculcating the lavatory methods adopted by the Sulabh International social service organization can not only conserve water but also handle the waste in a hygienic and productive way. The effort put in by an individual to conserve the environment can be an incentive to the government and other industries, who turn a blind eye to environment conservation. As the saying goes “every drop of water makes a mighty ocean”, let us unequivocally promise to conserve nature in our own small way and make the society a better place to live in.

Let us remember: The earth is not just something we have inherited from our ancestors; it is a gift we will be bequeathing to the generations to come.