24 hours to Rescue Jan Lokpal!

Dear friends,

In 24 hours, the Cabinet could submit a toothless Lokpal bill to Parliament that risks ruining our once-in-a-generation chance to tackle corruption. But we can still rescue the bill.

Cabinet Ministers are refusing to include any of the civil society demands that would make the Lokpal a powerful anti-corruption instrument. Still, there is one leader who could persuade them to change their position: Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

We have just 24 hours to urge her and the entire Cabinet to heed the growing outcry for a strong anti-corruption bill. They all pay close attention to the faxes and phone calls they receive — click below to use our easy and free fax tool and help flood Sonia Gandhi and key Cabinet Ministers with messages to save the Jan Lokpal.
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The government is ignoring the people’s demand for an effective Jan Lokpal and is trying hard to keep the PM, Judiciary, MPs, and a large part of the bureaucracy free from the Lokpal’s anti-corruption powers. But we all know that corruption in India is entrenched across the system and the only way to tackle this disease is by bringing an ambitious Lokpal bill that includes all government and the judiciary.

Last week, Avaaz members sent thousands of moving personal stories of corruption to Sonia, forcing her to face the real cost of corruption in India. Now a deluge of faxes and phone calls are the best way to reach Cabinet Ministers. Click below to use a simple free online fax tool to deliver your message to Sonia Gandhi and all 35 Ministers, and help build our numbers by forwarding this email to friends and family:

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Across the country the movement against corruption has galvanised hundreds of thousands of people — driving a wave of pressure on the government. For the last 42 years our leaders have ignored efforts to bring a strong anti-corruption bill. But this time we are closer than ever! Let’s all stand together and show the government our will to fight for a real cure for corruption.

With hope and determination,
Ricken, Saloni, Ben, Luis , Shibayan
and the rest of the Avaaz team