Predictions for 2008 by Nisha


Aries – Mesha (21 March – 19 April)
Personal: You will be at a stage where you will achieve great heights through your own will power and drive to move ahead. Nothing is impossible for you this year if you work on the saying *Right things at the right time*. Your judgment of people and situations will be accurate since you are a keen observer and know how to make things work in your favor.
Professional: Changes are on the cards which brings with it responsibility and stress. You will find yourself doing too many things at the same time and may not be focused enough. Give yourself the necessary break so that you do not over stress yourself and your health remains intact.
Love: You may find yourself sacrificing and going over the board to please the one you care for. Insecurity might make you be a martyr and in turn make you over look major differences that create havoc in your life. Those who are not yet involved need to go slow and not take any decisions in a hurry.
General: Look at both sides of a coin. Every situation has more than one point of view and you will need to use your analytical powers to assess it all.
Taurus – Rishabh ( 20 April – 20 May)
Personal :This is the time when you will show strength,endurance and resilience.You will be patient and have an iron resolve.You will take the right decisions at the right time and won’t be bogged down by pressure. A year which will be testing and trying where you will have to muster all your courage and will power which will inturn teach you to have faith in yourself.
Professional: Money and materialism will play an important role when making decisions regarding your career. You need to break the bonds and change your way of operating. Your way to get benefits in the material/physical world has a lot to do with your spiritual existence.
Love: Temperance-You will go slow with your love life,striking a balance and not over-doing anything.There is a possibility that you will keep all commitments on a fine balance this year. You need to come to terms with your drawbacks or your partners drawbacks and make adjustments. Incase of stagnation, you will have to take a lead and make a move to get your love life and relationships going.
General: You will see an end to the testing times in this year and cross threshholds in the bargain. 2008 brings a time of relief after overcoming the hardships faced by you.
Gemini – Mithuna (21 May – 21 June)
Personal: You might find your view points do not match with those of others and this might create some discrepancies in your life. Arguments regarding finance and not being able to reach goals at a decided time might create anger and confusion. Do not set goals as this might worry you if they are delayed.
Professional: You might be contemplating on starting a new business or making a new career move, go for it. The cards are in favorable position for financial growth and success. You will be in a position of power where your skills will be appreciated too.
Love: A bond which will leave you feeling complete and give you solace to get going in life is on the cards for you. There might be some obstacles and troubles in winning the heart of the person you desire but it will be worth it.
General: You need to be more expressive of your views and talents rather than hiding and letting people believe the worst about you. Your being able to communicate well will bring more luck towards you.
Cancer – Kark (22 June – 22 July)
Personal: You will be doing too many things at the same time. It is time to delegate work to others and see how things move on for you. Don’t promise more than you can handle.
Professional: An inheritance is on it’s way. This year, a family business will take off or people in the family will support your career goals, give you a loan to get your career moving. A time of security and reaping all the benefits of what you have done previously.
Love: When things are out of your control, it is better to leave them and let go. Letting things be for a time being will settle matters on their own. This is a time for endings and new beginnings. Maybe a time when relations might not work to your expectations.
General: Wish and make a positive wish, it will work for you.
Leo – Simha (23 July – 22 August)
Personal: You need to look within you for answers, decide your priorities and free yourself from the cycle of action and reaction. A time for spiritual growth and understanding which could also mean people who are spiritually inclined will come to help/rescue and guide in the time of need. People related to leos would do well in the advertising industry.
Professional: Work will be suitably rewarded but you need to keep doing as you were without expecting immediate results. You can start something else also alongside the work that you are already into. (a deep, hidden desire or something which brings peace and emotional happiness).
Love: A time of great understanding and growth, being in nature and connecting with people on a natural level without any sham or superficiality. You might connect with someone who loves nature, is a person who is more logical and practical and there is an instant connection but the love that grows will be slow and will require a great deal of understanding.
General: 2008 will be a fulfilling year with its share of ups and downs and ups again. This year, you will need to concentrate on healing yourself which will bring you a well of energies at your disposal to evolve and go places.
Virgo – Kanya (23 August – 22 September)
Personal: A time for wish fulfillment and opportunities coming your way. You have what it takes to succeed and you have friends and people favoring you in your path.
Professional: You will excel in any creative field. You have ideas that need to be put to work and they will be appreciated for their originality and newness they present. Do not let anything or anyone hold you back. Your colleagues and co-workers will be supportive this year.
Love: You will be moving at an amazing speed with full force and zest. A love relation or contact from a distant place might interest you. There will be travel and communication, romance and good luck if one is contemplating marriage and in all relationships as a whole.
General: All your knowledge and lessons in life has made you a wise being. This will be your guiding force for the year ahead.
Libra – Tula (23 September – 23 October)
Personal: .Need to concentrate on the spiritual aspects of life and balance it with the material aspirations. A relation of a feeling of being tied down might be on the scenes but too much should not be accepted. You might feel a need to do things out of addiction and habit rather than the necessity of it, watch out for this and try to break free from anything that latches on to you.
Professional: Hardships in career and professional fields which will yield victory though that has to be taken with a pinch of salt and not allow it to get to your head. Any situation that might threaten you this year will be overcome with sheer will power and a feeling of being in a position to conquer and overthrow any obstacles. Keep moving.
Love: A time of worries, changes and a need for reforms, uniformity and discipline. Worries regarding travel and relationships maybe the order of the day. Love is undecided, this is not the time to let yourself get mentally disturbed over relationship issues, things will pass and you could use your energies for bigger issues.
General: The changes within have set out a new goal and a renewed promise to bring out the best within you. This is a time of new beginnings after having learnt the lessons from the past.
Scorpio – Vrischika (24 October – 21 November)
Personal: Your past is haunting you and it is time you look ahead and move on instead of worrying about what has not worked for you in the past. But this feat will be achieved with great difficulty. You will be in situations where people might not tell you exactly what is going and there is fear of double dealing. Tread with care.
Professional: A very good time on the professional front. Things start picking up by August after a great deal of struggle and effort. Your courage and will power will be your strong points. Don’t overdo anything or overdo, this maybe a cause for ill health.
Love: A new beginning, relations take off, emotional expression helps to clear misunderstandings. You will be able to connect with your partner and spouse on a spiritual and emotional level which will make you feel happy and loved.
General: A time to heal old wounds and let go of the past and move on. Healing makes you evolve into a better soul.
Saggitarius – Dhanu (22 November – 21 December)
Personal: This year will be a time for social gatherings and events where you will be the centre of attraction. Your value as a skillful person with the know-how will not be questioned and your work would also make a progress through such outings and events. So be on the look out for new tidings while you are enjoying life to the fullest. However you might be the talk of the town and this might be a cause for jealousy and unnecessary rivalry. Be on guard.
Professional: Go charging ahead but see that you do not invite trouble by showing off or talking about your progress. A time where you need to put your ideas into action without double thinking. Others might see you as their counselor/advisor, you will be a mentor to someone or get the help of someone in a position of power for a good deed done.
Love: The year could culminate into a marriage or an arrangement which will leave you feeling secure and fulfilled. Those who have yet to meet their partners will do so through some family gathering or by some reference from family members. A time to enjoy the fruit of the seeds sown in the past.
General: Believing that you can achieve and get all you desire will make things easy and allow you to enjoy the wait while they manifest in actuality. Working towards a goal is your key for the year.
Capricorn – Makara (22 December – 19 January)
Personal: You will have to make a few tough decisions, which can be hard on closed ones or even on self but you know what you are doing and why you have to do so. The situation might look harsh in the beginning but this phase will bring more authority and well being in your life. There could be a conflict between freedom and security.
Professional: A time for renewal and second chances which will be good for you, Your hard work will pay off this year, you are going to enjoy what you do and later there will be plenty of celebrating. There might be a change in the path you are taking regarding your career moves.
Love: A good year for love and relationships to bloom. Keep your eyes open and wait for opportunity to knock at your door. It will. There might be delays or you may miss the buss but things are working in your favor this year.
General: This year is a karmic year for you, what you have sown will come back to you. Surprises are in store, maybe shocks too.
Aquarious – Kumbh (20 January – 18 February)
Personal: With your sharp instincts you will overcome adverse situations, you need to have strong willpower and be patient in testing times. You will be a leader when it comes to bringing harmony around you, i.e you will excel in the role as negotiator. You will withstand the toughest of the times and set an example for others. So the diamonds will be polished only after strong and intense pressure that they will surely outwit. Your critics and foes will also mark your excellency. A year of gains and those aiming for fame will get it. Your mantra for this year is Slow and steady wins the race.
Professional: Travel is on the cards, improvements in your financial situation but patience is required, you are set to head for a new target and have high enthusiasm. Opportunities will knock the door but in silent way so keep an open eye. Leave the laziness and be ready for lady luck.
Love :Romance is in air and you can expect the unexpected. Pure intentions will win you your companion. Sudden changes in your emotional state, instant attractions and amorous relationships are indicated, so be aware of false people who can misuse your vulnerability. You seem to be in dreamy pursuit and road ahead will be good. Over all nice journey.
General : An understanding will be reached through faith and intuition. You will be applying those aspects of your senses which you have long since neglected. A time of rebirths and finalizations is the mark of 2008 for you.
Pisces – Meena (19 February – 20 March)
Personal: Your main focus for this year would be to make a new start and to attain as much as possible to show to the world about what you possess. Be careful, that in your quest to prove to others, you don’t neglect yourself and get disillusioned in the bargain. Doing too many things at the same time could be stressful on your emotions and well being. Go slow.
Professional: If you are in arts or media and entertainment, you will attain success and situations will be favorable. You will face some obstacles where your ideas do not match with those of others and that could be a reason for strife. To avoid such incidents, be a good listener and try to communicate your thoughts without sounding offensive. Expect a lot of changes in your work place.
Love: Those who have been looking for love or are waiting for their love life to improve may find the person when they travel, take a break, go on a holiday. The person you could be involved with may be from a different country, nationality and maybe the complete opposite of what you have known. Those facing times of difficulties will come out of troubled times and there could be endings and new beginnings for those who are already involved.
General: You will delve into subject such as philosophy and psychology for a better understanding of your surroundings. Try channelising your energies in the right direction to be at your creative best.

Contributions & efforts of members from the Tarot Community –
Navneet Gill, Kapila Monga, Bharadwaj, Vigya and Abhijit Monty .

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