Municipal Councillors and Resident Welfare Associations of South Delhi Municipal Corporation sensitized for dengue prevention

South Delhi Municipal Corporation organized a sensitization programme for Municipal Councillors and RWAs of SDMC. The Campaign was inaugurated by Hon’ble Mayor of SDMC, Shri Subhash Arya.

Padma Shri Awardee Dr K K Aggarwal, Hony. Secretary General, IMA spoke about the role of private practitioners in the management & control of vector borne diseases. Dr. Aggarwal also spoke about IMA’s stand and policy of dengue prevention. The following points were highlighted by Dr Aggarwal:

*Even one infected mosquito is sufficient to spread the diseases as the virus can transmit from mother mosquito to the child mosquito through Trans ovarian route.
*Unlike other mosquito, dengue mosquito lays eggs on multiple sites in one location. Therefore, if someone finds a breeding, one should continue looking for other sites for the breeding.
*Fogging is not recommended and is not the answer for dengue as it only kills the adult mosquito but not the larvae or the eggs. Also unless the fogging is done inside the house, the mosquito chain will not get disrupted.
*The most important person in the dengue chain is dengue infected person. Every effort should be made to protect him from getting mosquito bite. All dengue patients in hospitals should be kept in mosquito net. All medical establishments should be legally declared dengue free. Every medical establishment should write in the main entrance that their establishments are dengue free.
*The medical fraternity should remove panic from the mind of the public as the mortality in dengue is less than 1%.
*IMA has written to all its members and member establishments to adopt colonies and make sure that their colonies are dengue free for which medical practitioners should work with RWAs and develop mechanism that every house is checked on a weekly basis.
*Mosquito breeding cycle is completed in one week, therefore in every colony, any flat owner going for a vacation for over a week, should inform the RWA so that in their absence, their flat can be checked for breeding.
*The 2nd attack of dengue is more serious than the first one, therefore in every colony where people have suffered from dengue in the past, one should make sure that their colony is dengue free.
Every Sunday, The RWAs should put down a ply card on the main entry gate – “Welcome to Dengue Free Zone”.
*Platelet Count testing is unreliable and is not needed. Most platelet machines can give an error of upto 40000 in platelet count; therefore never rely on platelet count in the treatment.
*In most patients, dengue can be diagnosed clinically and may not require costly tests.
*The serious period is the day the fever subsides and not when the fever is present.
*In dengue, if the patient gets enough fluids to the extent that he passes urine after every 4 hours, the patient would never die.
*The job of the doctor is to keep difference between higher and lower B.P. more than 40.