3 Formulas for success

Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

To succeed in any field, one has to apply three formulas: 1. Establish the goal, 2. Have a keen interest, and 3. Proper utilization of capabilities.

1. Establish the goal in life: Establishing a goal in life is as much crucial as the need for the map when travelling across unknown places and a navigation device to sail across the sea. When we know well and always keep in mind what we want to be in life and what we want to do in life, we will surely keep making continuous efforts in those directions. There is a famous saying—”There is no wind that blows right for the sailor who doesn’t know his destination.” In other words, the ship of such sailor would remain drifting aimlessly at the mercy of the ocean waves. An individual without a goal is also destined to meet the same fate. Therefore, the first and foremost necessity is to establish a goal.

2. Having a keen interest: Next, one should have keen interest, great enthusiasm, strong determination and an attitude to work with total attention for their chosen goal. Without these, the prospects of success would always remain doubtful. No noteworthy achievement can be anticipated with half-hearted efforts or working without due attention. It is a psychological truth that enthusiasm and determination are the source of energies without which any amount of knack, talent, flair or know how would be of very little help.

3. Proper utilization of capabilities: Time is the most important among all the divine assets we have in our life. Proper utilization of time and, physical and mental capabilities can yield extraordinary achievements. Proper utilization of every single moment in working towards the set goal can produce miraculous results.

If we happen to look at the initial capabilities, qualities and other outward circumstances of both the successful and unsuccessful people, we may not find much difference. And yet they happen to end up worlds apart. The only reason for such difference is that the successful person engaged all his capabilities to work towards achieving his chosen goal while the unsuccessful person lost his way due to the lack of direction and being disorganised.